The main goal is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.


“The Imperative of a Joint Initiative for World Peace”

Conference Oct. 17 and 18, 2015 in Astana, Kazakhstan for the Preparation of the 2nd World Forum for Spiritual Culture Suggestion for the Title and Contents of the 2nd World Forum WFSC in Astana (2016/2017)

Marco Vukovic, Int. Ass. PEACE through CULTURE Europe

After some great social achievements in the 19th and 20th century, most modern, mainly western societies are drifting faster and faster towards total disintegration – this is fact if we take a closer look to demographic analyses and statistics about the general development - but this is, sadly, not widely enough discussed in these days! All this information is simply not in the scope of awareness of the common people – and this is of course by intention.

The concepts and models of community were replaced by egoistic individuality and blind material consumption. Not long ago, we witnessed the fall of the Soviet Union, which was much stronger bound to social values than capitalism - communism obviously committed itself - even by name - to the concept of community. It is for sure a task for the scientist to find the weaknesses of this system and the reasons for its failure.

On the other, hand we see a world at the edge of global nuclear warfare, we see the world divided into numerous fractions battling each other; we see the world fighting for dominance, resources and power. We struggle to provide shelter, food and water for the people most in need and we totally fail to protect and preserve nature of which we are absolutely dependent. There is only one word describing the general state of mind of most people in these days of the so called civilized and globalized world: madness.

We will not revive state communism since it also failed in providing the basis for the peaceful and harmonious unfoldment and evolvement of mankind but if we do not set a new course in general, our interconnected civilizations will be our future graveyards!

A social system which would be naturally accepted by all races and nations must embrace values we all have in common and must share. We are deeply in need of a global social solution which must also be locally implemented by each nation or ethnic group individually. We need to rethink and redesign our civilizations in order to foster cultural development. There is no need for a not functioning global body like the United Nations which even failed in aligning to the most basic requirement for a globally accepted institution: justice!

Time is limited and in the age of connecting nations in unions, it is high time to think about the ethical dimension of our social core values! We are in need of a new concept of cohabitation on this planet! As society is strongly in interdependence with economics and the implemented governance, we need new models for all spheres of human interaction with a strong focus on ethics. Spirituality can’t be forced to manifest in people. This is nearly impossible if we do not change the social environment we are living in.

First of all we need to find a way to come together equally on a global level in order to be able to abolish any military aggression towards any nation. There is always a solution not involving violence! Only after this target is achieved we will be able to shape our global and local future in a concord and just way. No one must live in fear of death and starvation and no one will be excluded!

In this sense, Kazakhstan’s initiation of the PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY is most exemplary and was the right step towards the future model of modern governance where the government truly represents its people and reflects their cultural identities to the best. This is genuine participatory democracy, born in the heart of Eurasia! The People’s Assembly will evolve further and will become the role model for more installments all over the world and – in analogy – it will also become an inspiration for a GLOBAL PEOPLES UNION! It is obvious that this is the only way for the setting of cultural and ethical values as global guiding principles!

Nowadays most power lies in the hands of a few – designing, manipulating and dictating without the consent of the people, masked as globalization, but truly only working in the shadows on a masterplan for their new world order. This must and will end!

We will see a global federation of states where all voices are heard and only representatives we trust will make transparent decisions sincerely meant to lead us towards a prosperous future. Prosperity is based on harmonious diversity and not on conformity. The evolutionary process is rooted in the unity of all existing elements and it needs multipolarity for its progression!


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