On October 16, 2019 a conference "Spiritual harmony - the key to unity and stability" was held in the Nur-Sultan.

On October 16, 2019 a conference "Spiritual harmony - the key to unity and stability" dedicated to the day of Spiritual Consent was held in the Nur-Sultan.

The conference was attended by Minister of Information and Public Development Dauren Abayev, Deputy Akim of Nur-Sultan Bakhtiyar Maken, President of the International Association “Peace through Culture” Tolegen Mukhamedjanov, as well as members of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, state, public and religious figures, representatives of the scientific community Kazakhstan.

The main goal of the conference is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.

On behalf of the International Public Fund “Congress of Spiritual Concord” and the International association “Peace through Culture”, Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov spoke:

- The socially significant date, the Day of Spiritual Consent, is included in the Kazakhstan calendar. This day is celebrated widely in all the regions of Kazakhstan with the full support of state bodies. The President many times addressed congratulations to people of Kazakhstan. Such a unique holiday is not yet found in any other calendar in the world, but it is celebrated by our like-minded people in other countries.

- Spiritual harmony, spiritual culture, spiritual ideals should become the meaning of life, the holistic matrix of man and the national idea of a nation and state. Then the technical, technological, and information systems will acquire their semantic content, - summerized Mukhamedjanov.

Minister Abaev noted that today the cohesion of the Kazakh people is being tested for strength "on a variety of fronts." Indeed, "in the age of information technology, human consciousness is not protected from the influence of destructive forces, whose ideology is based on the rejection of different..."

- A different ethnic group, a different faith, a different religion, a different opinion. The picture of their world is seductively simple: there is a good faith or nation, but there are all the rest. And young people whose fragile consciousness is not taught to identify demagoguery and voluntarism in sweet speeches spreading in private meetings or on YouTube, often fall intothese networks. What do we get as a result? We get ethnic clashes, we get hundreds of families returned from Syria, we get terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of innocent people" - the official explained.

The deputy mayor of the capital, Baktiyar Maken, noted that Kazakhstani society should keep up with the times in all directions. In his speech, Maken made a reference to the words of President Tokayev that today "various religious associations play a big role in the development of mutual understanding, which daily contribute to strengthening the unity, stability and prosperity of the people of Kazakhstan."