Dear members of the Presidium of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture! International Association "Peace through Culture" invites you to the online conference "Spiritual harmony - the basis of peace", dedicated to the Day of Spiritual Accord and the 10th anniversary of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture.


Kazakhstan and the “Spirit of Astana”: Shining Example of Spiritual-Cultural Synthesis!

by Dorothee Frey-Burghardt, Germany, Vice President – Int. Association PEACE through CULTURE Europe (presented by Klaus-Dieter Buck on behalf of Dorothee Frey-Burghardt) | International conference “Spiritual Renewal is the Path to Prosperity and Harmony”, Astana, October 17-18, 2017

С праздником! – JOY to all of you and heartfelt congratulations on today’s important holiday and significant 25th anniversary of the 1st World Congress of Spiritual Concord! May I express my deep-felt respect and gratefulness towards the wonderful nation of Kazakhstan and its people, towards the wise leader of the state, to governmental bodies, to the young capital Astana, to the organizers as well as to all honourable participants of this conference for their tireless efforts to pave the way for an enlightening, peaceful and socially harmonious 3rd millennium!

As a shining example of inter-ethnic and intercultural matters, Kazakhstan must be considered to be globally unique for its spiritual-cultural achievements in pioneering and development! It is here where the idea of “Spiritual Concord” blossoms in an exceptional, active, even natural way! Highest respect, greatest admiration and thankfulness go to the highly esteemed President of this country, a TRUE FATHER of the state who formed Kazakhstan courageously into a country with truly strong and great future prospects. He, too, is the godfather for many initiatives for the good of the community of the people of Kazakhstan and far beyond, in other words, for a highly effective, spiritual-cultural magnetism. This magnetism draws positive attention and inspiration worldwide and has become a role-model for numerous other countries, especially in the field of peaceful COOPERATION.

Evolutionary tendency and demands for COOPERATION!

The striving for true COOPERATION is the basis for EVOLUTION: for the wealth and a peaceful RE-ORGANIZATION OF THE WORLD! The principle of COOPERATION must be supported with untiring efforts by dialogues and round table-structures on all levels. Not only all prejudices must be avoided, but also new paths must be found and applied. Cultural diversity in spiritual unity will reap in the best result. Torture and violence must be banned for ever. Even tiniest traces of conquest, suppression and humiliation will lead to destruction. Cooperation follows above all the principle of equal rights, and any violation of them will create harmful priority, which will result in negative chain reactions. The way out of this situation lies primarily in the most necessary improvement of living conditions for hundreds of millions of people who often don’t see any future for themselves, their relatives and their people – and have given up hope. It is mandatory to reach a stepwise reduction of such tension and find solutions through concrete, constructive and dynamic COOPERATION of POLITICS and RELIGIONS – by means of spiritual-cultural cooperation based on the SCIENCE of ETHICS! In principle we can see that – fortunately! – a worldwide trend is emerging to follow this way of creating one FAMILY of MANKIND. And in spite of all dangers: this trend is unstoppable! With support of sciences it will be possible to achieve a peaceful improvement of the present situation by means of SYNTHESIS – step by step!

Synthesis – knocking on all doors!

Synthesis is literally knocking on all doors. As it has been the case in the „Golden Ages of Peoples“, culture should play a highly significant and decisive role in all political bodies. Fortunately, many science-based studies, an abundance of research and knowledge are available for this requirement. Culture must lead the way when transforming universal ethical principles into concrete terms. This is not too big a task because the ethical basics are inherent in every human being as part of our consciousness. It is this attitude that transforms a mere civilization into an advanced and progressive culture. All great TEACHERS OF WISDOM, all FOUNDERS OF RELIGION have passed on to humanity identic universal-ethical principles, based on eternally valid COSMIC LAWS, in correspondence with the state of consciousness of peoples during the respective times.

The Best of the Best – for the Best!

The wonderful essence of the great Platon’s work – who, no doubt, was a Master of Wisdom – is as follows: The Best of the Best – for the Best! It is the perfect principle and the overriding task for a GLOBAL SOCIOPOLITICAL PEACE PROCESS BY MEANS OF SYNTHESIS! This maxim also includes the ACTIVE human engagement and orientation, the importance of conscious ethically based, cultural decision-making, be it individually or politically. In addition, this motto enhances and emphasizes the extraordinary, helpful role of science for peaceful politics.

In short, here are some proposals to be used as tools towards the support of ethical-cultural Synthesis:

1. Foundation of true Ethical Advisory Boards for all societal bodies, including politics, in which world religions should also be represented.
2. Forming of national, ethical networks, starting with local Round Tables to discuss all meaningful subjects.
3. Promotion of education in Ethics in schools, universities and other educational institutions.
4. „The Art of Thinking“ – Foundation of philosophical, peace-oriented schools for ALL.
5. Governmental formation and support of „comparative religious studies“ at universities.
6. In the words of Plato, but also of Friedrich von Schiller: Put the general focus on the re-introduction of „the Good, the True, the Beautiful“ – at schools and all educational institutions, in all spheres of life and with special consideration of spiritual-cultural strengthening of character and consciousness.
7. Implementation of scientific institutes for research and educational modules for the faculty of Synthesis, also for the faculty of World-Peace-Studies.


Dear friends,

the young capital ASTANA was built within a very short time and has become a true METROPOLIS, connecting the continent of EURASIA. ASTANA – as a central INTERFACE – geographically, socially and culturally is located exactly on “the right spot” to serve the aim of UNITING PEOPLES AND MANKIND.

The realization of World-Peace must be considered as the main and common task of our future! Time is precious; we may not lose any moment in making this idea come true! Life is holy; killing must come to an end, once and for ever! We all must play an active and decisive role in taking responsibility for a future on our planet without violence and wars! Our youth desperately need and will love this initiative of creating World-Peace and will put their energy to the idea – the idea of one World-Community. And ALL OF US should help them to realize this precious goal!

Dear friends, the term „Friend“ is the most warm-hearted word and makes forget different nationalities and other differences, and the splitting of our planet in East, West, North or South. There is only ONE world, ONE family of mankind! In such a spiritual and cultural, ethical interrelation we must seize the synthetic principle of UNIVERSALITY. Then the „Impossible“ will be changed into the „Possible“ – overnight!

May mutual Friendship warm our Hearts!
May World-Peace prevail on Earth!