The main goal is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.


Speech at the International Jubilee Conference “Spiritual Renewal is the Path to Prosperity and Harmony”, Astana, 17 October 2017.

General Secretary of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia Belyaninov Andrey Yurievich

Dear friends! Dear colleagues!

Allow me, on behalf of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia, to thank the organizers and to greet all participants of the Jubilee Conference "Spiritual Revival - the Way of Prosperity and Concord". Kazakhstan has been confirming its faithfulness to spiritual priorities for over 25 years, demonstrating adherence to the ideals of peace and harmony among the peoples of not only Kazakhstan but also the whole planet.

When I think about the future of our countries, the whole globe, I believe that it can and should be peaceful. Unfortunately, in real objectivity we are confronted with tragic events, military conflicts that force our hearts to contract at the sight of the suffering of innocent people, including children, and this can not leave indifferent neither the state authorities nor representatives of civil society.

The theme of spiritual concord, which we are discussing, is more urgent than ever, because today we are talking about the future, about the society in which our children and grandchildren will live.

Spiritual concord and multilateral cooperation among the peoples of the countries of Eurasia meet the main challenges facing the peoples of Eurasia, which can be combined into two main directions: taking into account the lessons of the past and creating shared responsibility for a common future. These two vectors of "our past" and "our future" are realized in "our present" through the development of education, cultural and intercultural relations, information and humanitarian exchanges, as well as joint intergovernmental and non-governmental projects. It is they who promote peace and stability.

We see a rapidly changing world around us. Modern conditions require qualitatively new and more effective mechanisms for the organization of the world community. In addition, the search for consent between the peoples, in other words - people's diplomacy, becomes a priority of our time.

Today, here at the International Conference, I represent the Assembly of the Peoples of Eurasia, which was established on May 28 in Moscow at the First Congress of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia, attended by more than 2,500 representatives from 67 countries.

The Assembly of the Peoples of Eurasia is not just another public international movement. The establishment of the Assembly is based on the realized need to strengthen the integration processes at the public level. Along with the expansion of mutually beneficial economic ties between states within the framework of the Eurasian partnership, it is important to simultaneously intensify the cultural and humanitarian cooperation of peoples, strengthen the interaction of non-governmental organizations, and create public structures aimed at commonwealth and harmony.  That is exactly what we are talking about today.

In the main thing, we are all united. But we implement this main thing differently in our lives, given the diversity of our views, our thoughts and our possibilities. Therefore, in the first place, we need to learn to understand and accept each other.

The Assembly is taking its first steps, but it is already possible to say with confidence about the demand for such an initiative of the unity of peoples in many countries.

The Declaration of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia is among the first adopted documents of the established organization, which prescribes the mission of the Assembly:

"Forming the Consciousness of the Man of the Third Millennium, building and approving the creativity of the Peoples in the Name of Peace and Prosperity". It is in tune with the name of today's conference "Spiritual Revival - the Way of Prosperity and Concord".

At the very beginning of the Declaration, as an epigraph, we put a few paraphrased words from the well-known song "If the boys of the whole earth". We put them like this:

If all the people of the Earth

One day could take hold of each other's hands...


These words set out the Commonwealth's general appeal to all the peoples of Eurasia. After all, when we hold a friend's hand, even in our minds, our hands cannot take weapons.

Ideas of spiritual harmony, peaceful coexistence are close and understandable to all peoples of our continent and the whole planet. However, they need to be implemented in every day, strengthened in every case.

I wish everybody the creative cooperation, friendship and concord to build a common peaceful future!