Dear members of the Presidium of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture! International Association "Peace through Culture" invites you to the online conference "Spiritual harmony - the basis of peace", dedicated to the Day of Spiritual Accord and the 10th anniversary of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture.


About India

A country living in enfolds of love
Of living divine and spiritual gurus,
Where everything that goes, comes around,
In the moment the earth rotates.
Radiance of sky in its people’s eyes,
Light of the amazing soul,
Independent of the body
And the needs that torment life.
All is so awe inspiring,
Rousing a keen desire to learn,
About oneself and the world,
To find own way, to overcome vices.
Chanting the eternal hymns,
I hear the prayers
With powerful and passionate voice,
Calling the heavens for ever peace.
Shall we all live like them,
In harmony and peace with one and all,
Find a sage to show us the path,
In the search of true knowledge.
There lies God’s will and wisdom,
That when we yield shall kindle,
The generosity in our heart,
The essence of all-embracing love.
Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov
February 2015
(Translated by Ambassador Harsh K. Jain)