Dear friends!

Today, humanity is experiencing one of the most dramatic moments in its history. Global natural disasters and social upheavals, violence and conflicts disturbing people across the planet are compelling to take a deep thought about the essence and meaning of occurred processes. Besides the impact of external environmental factors the world is shaken by the economic crisis, geopolitical and religious conflicts. We cannot fail to respond to events that occur in the Maghreb and in many Arab states in the Middle East which are affected by social tensions and even have brought armed confrontation. And, unfortunately, the momentum of this instability is spread far across the globe.

The increasing frequency of cataclysms primarily occurring in nature but also in today’s world of technical civilization, have a severe impact on all societal structures. The present time shows very clearly that such epidemic hardships can happen on all continents. Unfortunately, however, in many cases the countries’ political and social leaders reveal an extreme helplessness in face of such circumstances. Human suffering, even in most prosperous states, increases dramatically due to ravages of all kinds, including greatest damage to the achievements of civilization!



Tolegen Muhamedzhanov during his business trip to Islamic Republic Iran has visited its capital Teheran, where 25th «International conference of Islamic unity» was held. On February, 7-9 in Teheran Tolegen Muhamejanov, the special ambassador of the Head of Secretary of Congress of World and traditional religions leaders, has handed over the official invitation of Kajrat Mami, the Chairman of the Senate of Parliament of Kazakhstan to Sejed Mohammad Hamenei, the President of Institute of researches of Islamic knowledge, Ayatolla Mohammad Ali Tashiri, the Secretary general of the World assembly on rapprochement of Islamic mashabs, Mohammad Bager Horamshadu, the President of Culture and Islamic communication organization. Invitations have been accepted with gratitude. Kayrat Lama Sharif, chairman of Kazakhstani Agency on religion affairs, and Bagdat Amreev, ambassador of Kazakhstan in Iran, participated in meetings. Besides, the Kazakhstan delegation has taken part in the 25th annual international conference of Islamic Unity.


Dear friends

Today for the first time I have seen on You Tube the presentation of a girl who spoke at a conference held by the United Nations in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Her speech impressed me deeply. It is a pity that 20 years had passed since then and the cry of this little girl’s soul still remains "a voice of a grievous person in a desert”.  I do not agree with that. Every day I think about the future life of my children and grandchildren. What will wait for them in the future? What will we bequeath to them? Will they be able to love what will surround them in this world?



According to the tradition we propose to convene in Astana on October 18, 2012 the conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the First World Congress of Spiritual Concord. We are to draw the results of the past period and to define the tasks of our movement for the future. This conference will be an important step in preparation for the Second World Forum of Spiritual Culture, scheduled for 2013.


Dear Friends,

We place the thesis of one of the members of the Presidium of WFSC, Mr. Robert Chase. We invite you to read it. PRESIDIUM WORK PLAN WORLD CONFERENCE OF SPIRITUAL CULTURE DRAFT DEVELOP A PLAN AND IMPLEMENT IT