While demands for social justice take to the streets in America and the most impoverished nations prepare for the storms of climate change and the tsunami of COVID-19 and the onslaught of famine, while social programs, health care needs, and social services in the world’s richest nation beg for funds to simply keep up, here are some relevant facts:

NUR-SULTAN – The Kazakh anti-nuclear protest song “Zaman-ai” has been inspiring activists for decades. Most recently, it was recorded and released by Japanese singer Michida Ryoko in Japanese and English last year.

Dear spiritual sisters and brothers! We would like to take the opportunity during the first days of this New Year to congratulate all of you.

There is no such unique holiday in any other country yet, but it is celebrated by our like-minded people in other countries.

The main goal is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.

What a loss! Valeria Porochova was not just a translator of the Koran. She was a bearer of true Good and Light.

My dearest Brother Senator Tolegen, Trust all is well with you. I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Kobzon.

Dr. Murad was a hero in Pakistan and across Central Asia. For me, he was more than that: he was a friend.

Jossif was a real Idol of INSPIRATION for a few generation to think and to act POSITIVELY...We lost a sincere ethical fighter and must follow his example.

The United States Defence Department (DoD) released the new U.S. Nuclear Posture today, following a review of nuclear doctrine to reflect the new priorities and perspectives of President Trump.

Each soul’s birth is surely a mystery An immaculate emanation of perfection without reliance on form Awakening, aligning, and filling form with life, learning and realization

Ageyev Alexander Ivanovich - General Director of the Institute of Economic Strategies of the Social Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the International Academy for Future Studies (Russia) | International conference “Spiritual Renewal is the Path to Prosperity and Harmony”, Astana, October 17-18, 2017

Jonathan Granoff | International conference “Spiritual Renewal is the Path to Prosperity and Harmony”, Astana, October 17-18, 2017

Willy Augustat – President of the Int. Association 'PEACE through CULTURE - Europe'

by Dorothee Frey-Burghardt, Germany, Vice President – Int. Association PEACE through CULTURE Europe (presented by Klaus-Dieter Buck on behalf of Dorothee Frey-Burghardt) | International conference “Spiritual Renewal is the Path to Prosperity and Harmony”, Astana, October 17-18, 2017

Tolegen Mukhamejanov, President of the International Association "Peace through Culture"

General Secretary of the Assembly of Peoples of Eurasia Belyaninov Andrey Yurievich

Erich Fankhauser | International conference “Spiritual Renewal is the Path to Prosperity and Harmony”, Astana, October 17-18, 2017

Mary Pat Fisher | International conference “Spiritual Renewal is the Path to Prosperity and Harmony”, Astana, October 17-18, 2017



An idea...

Robert Chase

Building a network of cooperative enterprises for empowered employment and sustainable change

As you know, at the meeting of the International Organizing Committee of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture (WFSC), held in Astana in October 2015, it was decided to hold the Second Forum at the premises of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in New Delhi, India, in October 2016.

Today Astana celebrates the World Day of Spiritual Harmony. As part of this momentous day the capital held a meeting of the Presidium of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture on preparation for the Second Forum, which will take place in New Delhi (India) from 16-18 October 2016.



Agenda of the meeting of the International Organizing Committee for the Second World Forum of Spiritual Culture (WFSC)

For those who don’t need to apply for Kazakhstan visa we are extending the submission deadline for participation in a meeting of the International Organizing Committee of the WFSC to September 27, 2015.

As you know, the International Organizing Committee for the preparation of the Second World Forum of Spiritual Culture and the International Association “Peace through culture”



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! The World Forum of Spiritual Culture (WFSC) Presidium starts preparing for the regular Conference to be held on 17 -18 October 2015 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Topic of the Conference: "Spiritual Culture: a strategy of life and peace".

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree of awarding the President of the International Association "Peace through Culture" Tolegen Mukhamejanov by Order of Friendship.

Recently in Bangalore (India), the delegation of the International Association "Peace through Culture", headed by its President Tolegen Muhamejanov met with the founder of the International Association "Human Values" and the organization "Art of Living" Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Dear Sesto I congratulate you and our dear colleagues a Happy New Year according to the Orthodox calendar. Thank you very much for the offer.

Dear Sesto... dear brothers-sisters... Thank you for your pic and words here. My regards and love to all in this New Year... Hoping you all be well, healthly with good inspiration...! Susana

Dear friends, enjoy the holiday season in silence and memories for all who died this year... May peace prevail on earth... Warm regards Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli



Dear friends, colleagues and fellow-thinkers, I am a creative person by vocation; that is why I have always had a desire to realize my potential as an artist and as a person committed to spirituality. In this regard, I appealed to President Nursultan Nazarbayev to relieve me of the post of Director of the Astana Opera House. 

This is a call to all who love the planet and all its inhabitants. Let us together bring love into action. This is a call to bring that love that has no borders, that emerges from the heart and soul, into personal, local, national and global action.

WFSC Organizing Committee Meeting in Astana Oct. 17 and 18th, 2014 Building PEACE Structures From Crises Politics to PEACE Politics

WFSC Organizing Committee Meeting in Astana Oct. 17 and 18th, 2014   Esteemed hosts, dear guests, co-workers and friends, ...within our great common global project:

[adapted from letter to Tolegen Mukhamedjanov 11/11/11] Dear Tolegen: As we seek to plan the next gathering of the World Forum of 

International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons United Nations, New York City, New York September 26, 2014 Presentation at High Level Meeting by Jonathan Granoff,

Inspirational words in preparation for the meeting of the International Organizing Committee Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan October 17-19, 2014

Academician of Honor - International Academy of Sciences, Technology, Education and Humanities (AICTEH) - Spain 1st Vice President - World Academy of Arts and Culture



of the International Research and Practice Conference “Culture of Peace, Concord and Spirituality”   17 October, Friday                           Arrival day. Accommodation at the Astana Marriott Hotel

On September, 8 under the chairmanship of T. Mukhamejanov the working group meeting on the preparation for the International Organizing Committee Meeting of the Second World Forum of Spiritual Culture was held in Astana. Ye. Tugzhanov, the Deputy Chairman - Head of the Secretariat of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan 


Казахстан глазами голливудского актера Арманде Ассанте

День духовного согласия

The blog of Tolegen Muhamedzhanov


Freedom Requiem


About India

I host my poems inspired by the impressions of the visit Ashrama Shri Shri Ravi Shankara in India




Personal blog

    It is impossible to open the door to the past, through sheer memory alone one can look into a keyhole.  

He was born a very talented, intelligent and diligent boy, and his parents seeing it have put all their love and care in him. They helped him to get a first-class education, upbringing, and dreamed that he would become a great man, and they would be proud of him.    

When observing Earth from above the distant clouds of Olympus, through the eyes of its inhabitants, you can see a usually invisible, unreal, vast ocean. It is not like existing seas and oceans. It breathes and lives as it were a living organism, hourly changing its dimensions and shades, causing both indescribable admiration and anxiety of the unpredictability of its future implications.


About Soul

God originally created the Universe, galaxies, and star systems, built their orbital motions, and then set the reference time. All this required intensive efforts from Him, and He decided to have a rest. For recreation, He clapped eyes on the Solar system, where the blue planet was, and He named it Earth. To make His recreation fruitful, God gave life to Earth, diverse flora and fauna, and created a living being, whom He gave intelligence to make Earth more beautiful. Thus, Man appeared.



18 October 2015


About India


18 October 2015

The President of International Association "Peace through Culture" World Forum of Spiritual Culture Presidium


What shall we do?

The times we are living now is not just difficult, it is full of unpredictability grimaces, political speculation, world economic crisis, moral degradation of the human society and local wars, which can lead to a global catastrophe.



In Reference to the great and extraordinary AWARD, which has been given to the International Association "PEACE through CULTURE" - represented by our Präsident Tolegen M.Muhamedzhanov - we congrate you, dear friends in Moscow as all over co-workers and supporters in Russia, Ucraine and others!!!

Dear Tolegen, Over 1000 delegates (government and non-governmental) meet in Vienna in December last year at a conference hosted by the Austrian government to discuss the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons.


Dear Tolegen,

PNND extends you a big thank you for your efforts in 2014 for nuclear disarmament, and a very warm greeting for 2015. We hope that you have had a relaxing break over the holiday period, and are re-invigorated and re-inspired for the new year.


Dear friend Tolegen

It is a great pleasure to contact you again in order to  ask if the next Forum on October 2015 will take place as you told me in Astana last year. This question is because I am receiving invitations and appointments for that date and need to program my agenda. There are also some people that I will invite to the Forum if it take place and you agree.

wonderful to hear from you and thank you so much for your warm wishes for the New Year. Also your idea sounds possible, it would need some talks with the franciscan sisters here in the monastery. We have nice guest rooms in the monastery shelter and also meeting rooms are available. Our nature around is like paradise, see a few pictures enclosed.


Dear friends,

after celebrating the solstice on the 21st December and then the 12 rough nights after the celtic tradition, also some quite moments in the monastery chappel and church where we live. I am sending you enclosed my welcome for the New Year 2015, made on the 31st December during wonderful snowing days here in Switzerland...


Dear friends,

as we just noted a very important meeting between the leader of Russia, Germany, France and Ucraine will take place in ASTANA on january 15.th! We are totally convinced, that the first stepp within a proper solution to stabilize UCRAINE will be to follow Kasachstans very succesfull "Roundtable-Solution" - which has been initiated by President N. Nasarbajew more than 20 Years ago.


Dear friends,

I congratulate you on the upcoming holidays - Christmas and New Year!

I very much look forward to see and hug you all very soon again in Astana. Let me send you below the email I have send to all my friends, my network, about our upcoming meeting. 


Dear friends

I'm going to meet you in Astana with deep feelings of urgency and need. Urgencybecause the global situation of intolerance and violence is alarming and need, because the quality and capacity of our group put us in a leadership position for a

I can bravely say on behalf of all colleagues that we were waiting your address about the destiny of WFSC and exactly about holding of The Second World Forum. You can feel how everybody looks at you as on a core of our international group. 

Dear Tolegen - even having many boarders and other limmitations between us - we all from Austria, Germany and Switzerland are sending our BEST THOUGHTS AND WISHES!.

Dear Tolegen,  Dear colleagues in WFSC,  We cordially congratulate our dear Tolegen, the heart of our forum.  Dear colleagues, notice the spiritual bond that brings us together. Once there

Woeful news came from Munich: our friend and colleague Hans-Peter Dürr died. He was an outstanding scientist, an internationally recognized scholar. For years he headed the Max Planck Institute for Physics, was Chairman of the Union of German scientists and Peace-Nobel Prize Laureate (1995). 

I send my love to art as a precept that communicates and educates. I believe that thoughts stuck in people's heart are alive with the existence of love as principal event that preserve life. I have faith that new generations


Dear friends!

I wish you A Happy New Year - 2014! Year of the Horse, racer, workhorse, devoted to man, marks the end of the heavy series of snake and draconian years. Let them become a thing of the past with the first strike of silver hooves and sonorous horse neighing in 2014!  

Oh most wonderful open hearted fellow leaves on the tree of life at this precious moment of a new year and time for our hearts to be receptive to formless infinite love and vibrations that awaken inner contentment.

Dear friends,colleagues and fellow thinkers,       


Dear friends!

I wish you a Merry Christmas!   On this light magic day I wish you peace and tranquility in every home,

Dear friends!   Have we happy holidays and a very successful and alive year 2014 full of happiness, love, tolerance, peace and poetry and that the friendship that unites us will continue. Ernesto 

We wish you A Very Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings and A Very Happy New Year - 2014! As we overcome the Darkness that sometimes plagues us, Let us seek to illuminate our Inner Light!

Dear Bawa, dear friends!   May god bless all of you in this time of great changes. We are a strong team, lets build on this. It does not matter where we are and if we meet, we are committed in our daily work. Warm regards with my daily 3 "L" Love, life and laugh Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli Evolutant


Dear friends!

We place the letter of Susana Roberts, the participant of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture   Dearest Bawa! Thank you for your great and blessed words Happy to get your Warm Greetings. A lot of Happiness to you and Hana,love, prosperity, Good Health and continues lighting all of us, and all together the same way as you... I remember your words: we are trustees of our planet and "we are one" with a great responsabilty. All the best to all of you, my dear Brothers and sisters from the inner light of my heart to yours. Susana Roberts, Argentina.

Dear Tolegen – dear friend and highly respected Director of the new Astana Opera… Taking into account the decades we know each other - we worked by all means on high-quality spiritual-cultural projects - serving mainly the GLOBAL PROCESS of ETHICS and PEACE, I take the opportunity to send to you my brotherly Love and wishes of JOY to the new cultural process, which will start officially by October 21st.


Dear Friends!

I have very long-awaited, necessary, essential information for all of us. We have received the first pledge of 500,000 Russian rubles from Svetozar Darnev, member of the WFSC Presidium, to hold the Second World Forum of Spiritual Culture. In this connection, we place the letter I have sent Svetozar Darnev on behalf of all of us.


Dear friends!

We place the letter of Susana Roberts, the participant of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture. Dear all! I inform you that I will present my book in the Provincial Book Fair 29 in this region of the Rio Chubut Valley, on March 15th, I hope you join me in the distance, I am happy to meet Lito Cruz again in one of his appearances in the southern place.