Dear members of the Presidium of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture! International Association "Peace through Culture" invites you to the online conference "Spiritual harmony - the basis of peace", dedicated to the Day of Spiritual Accord and the 10th anniversary of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture.


The main goal is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.




Dear friends!

We have great news: the film of our friend, Armand Assante has won Best Short Documentary at  Gasparilla International Film Festival.  It is our common victory! We invite you to read the press-release of GIFF. Armand Assante has won Best Short Documentary at Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa, Florida for the powerful 27 minute film that he wrote and directed, "Dialogue From the Steppes." It was presented by Digital Domain.

We invite you to take part in the Conference, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the First Congress of Spiritual Concord, which will take place on October 17-19, 2012 in Astana, Kazakhstan. This conference will also be working. We are to summarize the results of the past 20 years and determine the tasks of our movement for the future. The Conference will become an important preparation stage for the Second World Forum of Spiritual Concord, planned for 2013.


Dear friends!

I’m very glad to see that every day there are more and more people sharing our views, our sincere concern regarding the processes occurring today on our planet, with our human nature which is getting more and more stuck in search for unlimited profit and sinking in its infinite yearning for possession of the whole lot in its egoistic desires. The Earth is our common home; it has given us the life and the right to be the supreme creature in its evolution, it has breathed in us the ability to feel joy and happiness from the contact with the beautiful, create and enjoy its amenities, love and be loved. Is it little? So let us do all possible to have the Earth feel our sincere care of her, our wish to do the filial duty. April 7, 2010

The process of awareness of Spiritual Culture as a decisive factor for human evolution has moved a significant step ahead since last year’s WORLD FORUM – somehow pushed by the world events such as the continued global financial crises, increased nuclear pollution, uprising NORTHERN  AFRICAN States, devastating famine in Eastern  Africa and ongoing wars! The wake-up period for humankind cannot be prolonged any more in view of the ever increasing „impossibilities“ – we have to make use of our possibilities instead and they are numerous. Based on the nucleus of last year’s reports and the final declaration we are here now to continue what was wholeheartedly started and to prepare the realistic steps into the practical transformation of all those positive ideas.

The significance of the female Principle and the Principle of Cooperation for World-Peace The Female Principle: the one to suffer most It is the woman – always, everywhere and especially today in times of worldwide unrest – who suffers most because of wars and warlike situations, as these are the hindrances to realize the most important cosmic duty and task of women and mothers: to give on life, to maintain the chain of life. SHE, the heart of the family and therefore actually the heart of a state, because families must be considered as cells of a state-organism, SHE, the first teacher of her children, SHE, example and mediator of ethical, spiritual-cultural guidelines: the female principle, we women cannot fulfil the mentioned tasks due to the lack of a safe and protected environment. War is the most terrible, ugliest expression of human free will. The Female Principle: Predetermined for World peace

Proposal to the Org Com. Workshop of the WFSC (Presented to the International Executive Committee of the WFSC by PEACE through CULTURE International) The "WORLD FORUM OF SPIRITUAL CULTURE" (WFSC) initiated in Astana in October 2010 as a global movement considers itself as an inspiration help, an active intercultural community, an initiator of cooperation for the promotion and formation of a synthesis of politics, science, culture and society. The Republic of Kazakhstan since its founding in 1991 has made greatest efforts in a highly unusual quality to successfully stabilize and harmonize all sectors of society – including those of its geopolitical environment. The Organizing Committee of the WFSC therefore seeks the initiation of a dynamic global process on a spiritual, cultural and social level with the target to have LEADERS from politics, culture, religion, science, society, economy of all countries worldwide identify with the ideas and concepts represented by the WFSC for a global harmonization, so that a common approach can be developed to achieve the determined goals! Appropriate proposals are therefore included in this paper below.