October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".


WFSC 2010

WFSC 2010

Hiroo Saionji, Japan President of the Goi Peace Foundation Common Vision of the Noo-Constitution and the Creating a New Civilization Initiative Everywhere around the around, people are feeling a strong sense of urgency to address the current economic and social crisis, and there is a growing demand for a major change in the existing system. In fact, the whole of our civilization now stands at a crossroads. We have arrived at a critical bifurcation point in the history of humanity. The crisis is not only about global economy, but also with the spread of environmental destruction, cultural clashes, terrorism, overpopulation, wealth disparity, resource depletion, mass starvation, epidemic diseases, climate changes and a host of other complex issues, the world we live in today is economically, socially and ecologically no longer sustainable.

Isis BORGES de RESENDE, Brazil PLANETARY CITIZENSHIP PREVALENCE OF SPIRITUALITY IN HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS ATTAINING COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS OF LOVING-KINDNESS Existing mentality, customs, what is accepted by society as natural, as normal, defines human society. A society is what its values are. Ideas rule the world. When society accepts a situation as normal, no matter how extravagant and inhumane it is, that situation prevails and eventually it comes under the rule of law, legitimizing human behavior no matter how insane it may be. We still live in a world full of violence, wars and great social inequalities as a result of wrong human values. Adopted paradigms, customs, mentality and human values define human relations, social organization, religion, wars and violence.

KELLY G. RAMER, Youth Activist & Coordinator, Children of the Earth, USA It is proposed that 13.7 billion years ago our universe came in to being from nothing, in that unfathomable moment all that exists came to be. It is humbling to think that if the speed of the explosion was fractions slower or faster all of existence would have either exploded or collapsed onto its self. Yet it was perfect, and the vast majesty of our Universe with all of its mystery and wonder was born. Our dear Earth, a speck of a speck in that picture, also began to evolve into the magnificence known today. The mountains and seas formed over millions of years. Plants and animals of every possible design proliferated through the landscape, evolving and changing to bring us the infinitely complex spectrum of life that makes up our biosphere. This is our story, we literally are made of the same essence as the stars in the sky. Every thought, movement, and action we take in this world is inextricably linked to the Spiral of evolution that encompasses all of our universe.

LAWRENCE  CLIVE  BLOOM, UK Chairman, UNEP, Green Economy Initiative, Green Cities, Buildings and Transport Council, Former Chair, Global Agenda Council on Urban Management, World Economic Forum. Davos Global Strategic initiative of the World Civil Society: NOOSPHERE ETHICAL-ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND The Chair of this gathering Dr. Liubov Gordina has said the Noo-Constitution is a sort of ethical code compatible with the term “Collective conscience of mankind” i.e. in reality it is expression of life in compliance with unitary laws of Universe. The principal postulate of the Noosphere Constitution is not punishment of the guilty, but promotion of justice.

NINA  MEYERHOF, USA Children of the Earth:a member supporting the Noosphere Constitution We are a not-for-profit, 501 © (3) United Nations NGO organization operating for over twenty years, dedicated to the building of a better future for all generations. To this end, COE offers Youth leadership programs globally, educational workshops, conferences, as well as presentations at national and international forums. Children of the Earth supports young people in actualizing their personal intention, becoming inspired to altruism, and weaving a web bridging all personal, cultural, national and religious divides. Our vision is that one by one, young people become spiritually awakened, socially responsible, and active peace builders. We are devoted to the evolution of Principles and Ethics that educate the youth of their Rights and Responsibilities focused on building character so each young person can experience their own personal potential and destiny and make a lifelong commitment to building a New Civilization for our Noosphere. Thus the Noosphere Spiritual Ethical Ecological Constitution is a finite representation of these goals.

Sarah Dreyfus, Switzerland How can local groups arrive to a global effect? I am very grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of this amazing conference… It is my first time to speak at such an occasion, even though I have been speaking about these topics so many times before… I have always been torn apart between two worlds, that surrounded me every day. One world was the “real world”. The world where people work in order to earn money, where parents split up because they don’t trust each other, where young men hit each other in the face, where girls talk behind each others backs, where everybody who doesn’t fit into society, is a weirdo or a threat. I am lucky to have grown up in a family that had a big awareness of the world situation. A family that was active in peace work, involved in sustainable projects and doing spiritual work.