October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".


WFSC 2010

WFSC 2010

ULISSES RIEDEL DE RESENDE, Brazil PLANETARY CITIZENSHIP First of all, I would like to congratulate the planning staff and executors of this Forum.  In the understanding of the Planetary Union, organization which I represent, with home office in Brazil, nothing is more important than to elevate the level of spiritual consciousness of humanity, seeking to reach the collective consciousness of spiritual brotherhood, the collective source of loving-kindness which must permeate the relations among people and countries. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to develop an intelligent planning which begins with the realization of a Forum with the participation of the most expressive spiritual leaderships of the world, when subjective basic and fundamental goals are established, as well as objectives for world spiritual interaction.

Frank Vukovic, Germany PtC-Europe – philosophical research team Spiritual and Ethical understanding of the World Community in the new millennium The Future Understanding of the Community Since mankind moves closer and closer together due to the existing and advancing globalization and its expansion and integration into all areas of life, the present and further upcoming crises and problems can only be solved together, on an equivalent level of collaboration and must be transformed into new and positive structures for all. It gets clearer and clearer for all human beings that nowadays every single state is either not able or does not possess the possibility or necessary strength to face the global problems and the tasks involved all alone – also the ignoring of these facts is no option.

Traudel Weissmueller, Germany PtC-Europe: Department Culture – Art and social reflection Family – the smallest Cell within a Community The significance of the community in the third millennium In the third millennium there will be even more requirements of an ethical nature, since by now humanity is able to understand the requirements of perfection and the necessity to react on them. Apart from tolerance the (new) age of community requires the capacity for sharp and critical judgment as well as the ability to think independently. Likewise, the readiness to serve (service-mindedness) has to be learned, as well as the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. These are indispensible conditions placed at the service of mankind; it is the most important demand in the age of community – according to the motto: “COMMON GOOD IS SUPERIOR TO OUR OWN INTERESTS”!

By Ashfaque Hussain, Chapter Leader & Youth Activist, Children of the Earth, Sukkur Sindh, Pakistan Respected ladies, gentlemen’s and distinguished guests: I feel honored to have the chance to participate in this great forum on the Noospheric Ethical and Ecological Constitution for Mankind. Though I am not an expert nor specialized in such a constitution, I am deeply moved by the possibilities in it to bring humans together in to harmony away from our backward thinking and civilizations. The cosmic view that it encompasses will surely guide us in future times when we must think beyond the mere perspective of our beloved planet Earth.   I’ve worked in community development for more than six years in my native Pakistan, I will go in to some specific projects during this presentation. I feel honored to share that under the continuous guidance and encouragement from Dr.Nina Meyerhof, President Children of the  Earth, I’ve nurtured my spirituality and come to know my inner soul to better work for the welfare of all human beings.


Report Jimmy Lama

Jimmy Lama Chapter Leader & Youth Activist, Children of the Earth, Nepal Youth are the most dynamic resource of the world, walking to lay out a new path for civilization being guided by the spiritual leaders of the present day. Standing on the threshold of this important point of history, all the generations - elders, youth and children - must meet as partners to work together in order to contribute to make our environment a safer place to live in.  The creation of such a new path for the world, imagined by the elders and to be paved by the youth will ensure a better home for the generations to come, to live in a much safer, sustainable and peaceful environment.

Margot Grados-Ramos, Germany Artist and consultant in life-sciences RESPECT WITHIN THE FAMILY – PEACE IN THE WORLD About the culture of living together in the small “state” called family and the new esteem for children as carriers of the future Peace is a desire of all nations and a necessity for the world community, as the conflicts are getting bigger and bigger, the weapons more and more sneaky and the call for sanity becomes stronger and stronger. Along the efforts for a better world many causes of strife politically and religiously are discussed: such as injustice, greed, the gap between poor and rich, the abuse of power, exploitation, dogmas, hostility, distrust etc. Laws are inacted, commands and bans are expressed. More success through more transparency and control is the goal. Things shall be regulated “from above”, what people “from below” don’t seem to be able to manage.