The main goal is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.


„Ethical Renewal – Basis for a peaceful, healthy world“

Conference Oct. 17 and 18, 2015 in Astana, Kazakhstan for the Preparation of the 2nd World Forum for Spiritual Culture Suggestion for the Title and Contents of the 2nd World Forum WFSC in Astana (2016/2017)

Erich Fankhauser, Int. Ass. PEACE through CULTURE Switzerland

If we think of all the incidents around the world, of the many warlike confrontations and the like, we have to agree that there should be a fundamental change of people’s way of thinking. If we also consider the new 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development, which was agreed upon during the UN-plenary session, we should ask ourselves: has the Western community of states advanced to a ‘Redeemer Committee’ of an eco- and socially friendly type? In addition, we should observe the World Climate Conference coming up in Paris in December of this year! Already the mass media are spreading-out the topic intensively. There is almost no single day without the vision of this pending apocalypse! It is recommendable to have a critical view on the theory of the climate Change or climate lie, rather, made by human race…

Urgently, People need to become aware of their spiritual drive and purpose of their earthly existence. An escape from today’s disaster and the restructure of the present into a New World – with a HEALTHY AND PEACEFUL HUMANITY– will only be possible if the social foundations are raised to a level of Spiritual Culture, supported by the PRINCIPLES OF ETHICS, which have to be brought into life actively!

The New World calls for a widespread COMMON HARMONY – for a dynamic and strong humanity with an extensive ethically based comprehension of wisdom and action! The Principles of ETHICS – as global social PEACE FUNDAMENTS – should be recognized and strongly promoted, especially by teaching the very basic already in schools. The most important characteristic of future leaders, therefore, is a perfect knowledge of the laws of ethics.

ETHICS – the most essential science of human society

Ethically based laws originate from the Cosmos from Nature, respectively; therefore, they are valid for both, for planet Earth and humankind – as part of the Cosmos. Human beings of today establish their own laws on moral or even on intellectual structures, thus building borders and restrictions. This process easily leads to abuse of power. Thus, conflicts are already pre-programmed. Therefore, these laws, established by human beings, require a constant and persistent, scientifically based monitoring through the discipline of ethics, which is superior to moral.

ETHICS is to be understood as Science within religion, philosophy and of practical life – as the decisive factor of human actions towards all forms of life and communities. As such, it is the most essential science of human society, according to the teachings already spread by Plato, Confucius, Buddha and others. Ethics – as a cosmic ruling and regulatory reflection, resulting from the law of cause and effect, or the law of karma – is also extremely important for the broadening of CONSCIOUSNESS. Before being executed, all activities should be focused on their ethical and religious principles in order to comply with these. This calls for everybody to assume responsibility for one’s own thinking and doing.

The SPIRITUAL HEART as the central authority and guide

All higher doctrines are dealing with the central principles of the human being, with the superior values, which are the spheres of THOUGHTS and of the HEART. Everything, in particular HEALTH and human HARMONY respectively PEACE, depend on the progress of human spiritual values, on the nature of man’s heart. Spiritual, respectively ethical values and a healthy amount of LIFE ENERGY are the only source leading to real improvement!! The Spiritual HEART – as the central authority and guide for all – must be understood by everybody – without exception!!

Striving people think and judge with their hearts and already develop a spiritual magnet in their individuality attracting everything suitable – and resisting the unsuitable. Without a strong “Heart Magnetism”, there is no way to a higher consciousness. But the development of consciousness is the essential drive of earthly existence!!

The Human Individual as social being

Basically, the human individual is a social being and part of a superordinate unity. As a living part of this unity, he is interdependent with everything else. Without an understanding of this great universal unity – which is well ordered in a hierarchically super-ordinate structure and requires the subordination and integration of the lower towards the Higher – the human being will never get guidance, protection, help and wellbeing. The UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS is reflected in the entire structure of the world.

Man should consciously think about the primary sense of his stay here on Earth and his repeated earthly existences and he should recognize his great RESPONSIBILITY towards ALL and everything.

Without an Ethic-Spiritual Renewal, there is no peaceful planet

An ethical and scientific evaluation of all the actions and targets of a society (nation, country) is the basis for people’s health, FOR a harmonious humanity in general and a PEACEFUL world. The Principles of ethics are decisive for mankind’s entire development. Humanity has to deal with those guidelines and laws constantly. A fair New World requires a widespread ethically based wisdom and ACTION.

In particular Religious Sciences should be aware of their central task. They should explore this all-comprehensive, essential field of Ethics and make sure that the recognized principles and laws are made available to all humanity. Let us keep in mind constantly: without an ETHIC-SPIRITUAL RENEWAL, without Ethics practiced in life and in every field of human society, there can never be Peace on our planet…

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