October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".




It is evident that at present human civilization is suffering moral and spiritual crises, which inevitably deepens. Contemporary science gives us conclusive evidence that there is a progressively clear, showing through tie between an increasing number of natural disasters and the way we live, the way we build relationships between people and nations, the way we treat our environment.
A rough response of nature to people’s aggressive attitude towards it is an extremely alarming but not the only sign, pressing for mankind to reconsider many life constants and proceed to urgent, concrete practical deeds to prevent imminent danger. Mankind is to understand that we cannot proceed in such a way, that ununited nations in their uncontrolled pursuit to confirm and defend their profit, their selfish, unharmonizable with the Common Good interests, will inevitably devote the world to destruction.
Of course, the world community in the name of official legitimate authorities shows certain concerns of the situation in the world. However, it is becoming more and more evident that (they underestimate future dangers) they fail to meet the menacing challenges of the New time sufficiently and in a due course.  But the World cannot passively wait for the moment when those in power will come to understand the urgency of necessary and well-coordinated actions. In order the humanity should be fully aware of the current disastrous situation and go ahead with creation of the planetary mobilization project, returning the development of human civilization in the natural course of space evolution, it will require a powerful boost, able to bring it through the condition of tranquility and mansuetude.
Aristocracy of talent and spirituality is encouraged to give such a momentum to our civilization. It is referred to men of art, scientists, religious figures, and representatives of main world confessions, public men and politicians in humanistic sphere, all reputable and thinking people of good will, who understand the absolute urgency of world-wide coordinated actions.
The World Forum of Spiritual Culture, confirming the superiority of Spiritual culture among other values of human civilization, is called to rally the aristocracy of spirituality, join isolated forces of representatives of Spiritual Culture, and put into life the ideals of concord, good- neighborly relations, non-violence, ideals of belief in celebration of intelligence power and light. This initiative smoothly supervenes and continues the most important spiritual beginnings started in Kazakhstan and obtained the broad resonance in the world. This refers to the World Congress of Spiritual Culture, held in October, 1992 under the patronage of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, which set up a wonderful tradition to annually celebrate October 18 as the Day of Spiritual Concord, and also hold regular meetings of high hierarchs of main religious confessions.
Ideological and theoretical, spiritual and moral foundations of the World Forum of Spiritual culture are:
It is occurring to the world that Spiritual Culture is the most important thing a modern human being has.
It is it that represents that eternal value, which is able to serve as a basis to build the Future.
The key and decision function of culture is human-creative. It follows from its higher intended purpose: to create and form a man, his spiritual world.
There is no dynamics without culture and there will not be any. Only culture is able to adopt the spiritual bent of light – the basis of modern long-range politics, the mover of vital reforms.
Placing culture into the base of politics, a state makes politics an efficient and evolutionary force, fair and expediential. Politics outside culture has a destructive character and makes a devastating impact on it. As well as culture without concrete cooperation with politics is isolation and therefore it is doomed to powerlessness.
The key to the solution of the problem of humanity’s future is in the synthesis of two these spheres. This future is considered not as a technical or scientific problem, but primarily as an ethical one.
For the first time ever the World Forum of Spiritual Culture is called to interlock and smoothly unite two wings of Spiritual Culture: religious spirituality and secular spirituality, provide synthesis of these spiritual movements, which is able to light the humanity on its way to the Future.
(The work on this part of the Conception is to be continued)