October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".


Dear members of the Presidium of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture! International Association "Peace through Culture" invites you to the online conference "Spiritual harmony - the basis of peace", dedicated to the Day of Spiritual Accord and the 10th anniversary of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture.


The main goal is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.


VIII. Innovation New ideas, concepts

Dr. Bernhard Schweiger, Germany Dr. of medicine - PtC-Germany: Department medicine and spiritual health The Spiritual Element in Medicine The art of healing – ethics and spirituality Healing - a process of awareness If you examine the medical systems of industrialised countries and the university medicine which still dominates them, one thing becomes obvious: The so-called scientific medicine has lost contact to the humanities almost entirely. This kind of medicine has developed into a medicine without any soul, in which people have been degraded to mere objects and by now have mostly developed into objects of financial aspirations. Today, hospitals are usually profit-gaining bodies with their patients as a productive factor. Can a patient still be healed accurately under these circumstances and what was originally meant by healing?

B.K. BRIJ MOHAN ANAND, India Heal the Heart to Heal the World With the onset of globalisation, consumerism and mechanised lifestyle public health has become a major issue of concern. In a world that is increasingly affected by pollution, poverty, junk food, mechanised work and hectic work schedule, health has taken a hard blow and people are investing more time and money to preserve their health. A few decades ago globalisation was touted as the mantra of development and it was supposed to help people and businesses make better choices to improve the environment, health, economy and overall well-being of humans on a global level. What has happened over the decades in the name of development is a different story. It has been a skewed process that has created imbalance at multiple levels of human existence. Our development policies have been lop-sided – mainly centred on feeding the body and starving the soul.

Cecilia Ines Garcia, Argentine PtC-Europe: Leader of international Youth-Department Liberty – Equality – Fraternity Liberty Liberty or freedom defines the unlimited possibility to think, talk and act freely. This statement has nothing to do with any narcissistic and individualistic self-realization attempts. It is even the full contrast. The demand for freedom is ethically justified – however, with a certain reservation that thoughts and actions must be directed not only upon the personal, but, primarily, upon the welfare of the general public. Therefore, the advantage must always be given to that action which is useful to a bigger circle, which means two or more persons or the general public. Liberty is a component of natural law and must be granted in the greatest possible measure. It may find a certain restriction only if the higher standing rights of the community are impaired or endangered. Provided an idea or an object serves mainly the community and the general welfare, it must be able to develop and must be supported accordingly.