October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".



Humanity is at a complex fracture of his history. World financial crisis has shaken the foundations of capitalism and has shown its historical resignation; demographic crisis with a new force uncover the global problems of mankind; the Nature is increasing its harsh response to the aggressive behavior of people, is expressed in destructive natural calamities, falling on our fragile planet, terrorism, separatism, crime; all of these complete the picture of the modern world.  These are visible, and in many ways it is a common outcome of inevitable deepening of the spiritual and moral crisis afflicting mankind. Humanity has to understand that is not possible to continue in this way that dissociated people in uncontrolled desire for approval and promotion of their primarily own benefit, their selfish, and disharmonic with the Common weal of interests inevitably lead the world to ruin. A new era is explicitly demands from mankind the reconsideration of life's constants, and immediate concrete actions to prevent imminent threats. Of course, the international community, through the official legitimate bodies demonstrates some concern over the situation in the world. But it became apparent their inability to adequately and timely respond to the formidable challenges of our time.

Nevertheless the world can not passively wait for the powers that will get mature to understand the urgency of action. In order for the mankind to be fully aware of the catastrophic situation and began to build a global mobilization project that returns the human civilization to the natural course of cosmic evolution, it needs a strong impulse, which will be able to bring it out of complacency and rigor.
Making such an impulse to our civilization is designed to spiritually creative elite of mankind. These are recognized in the world of science, culture, art, representatives of major world religions, social, and political figures humanistic direction, all of credible, thoughtful people of goodwill who understand the absolute urgency of global concerted action. Only the collective opinion of representatives and the creators of spiritual culture, embodied in the relevant documents can enlighten the people who sank in the mire of consumerism to stand on saving path of spiritual purification and renewal.
In order to unite the spiritual elite of humanity, uniting the scattered efforts of individual branches of the Spiritual Culture in a single entity and established the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, designed to assert the priority of the spiritual culture over all other planetary-historical forms of existence and values of human civilization, to embody the ideals of harmony, well-meaning good-neighborliness, non-violence, the ideals of faith in the triumph of the forces of reason and light.
The principles on which humanity must exist and which must be considered by all and everywhere, are well known. They revealed to mankind over the centuries and millennia, but, unfortunately, were ignored. At the present time, when the world entered a new era, it's time to make purposeful specific steps that can initiate a renewal and transformation of the world. This is a new architecture that can reproduce a new type of civilization, aiming to ensure the integrity and unity of the world and humanity, harmony and joy of existence, the synthesis of the laws of nature and culture. This is the main long-arching goal of the day. At the same time, obviously, and that never begins an epoch is put before mankind so desperately, without alternative, and inevitably the urgent need to find ways of solving this problem.
Of course, not everything is clear. Obviously the main thing: This problem is essentially not a political, not economic, not social, not scientific, and not technical. It is primarily an ethical! Of course, all the named areas will be involved in the renewal of the world, but only after the transfiguration of ethics. Ethic of all spheres of society is an acute need for development of human civilization. That it comes to the front becomes paramount.
A key element of the ethical transformation of the world is the restoration of justice in all strata of public and state life. It is time we still have a great Plato Testament: "Do not place anything in front of justice!" But we must clearly understand that well known to mankind traditional violent methods of solving this problem in modern evolutionary conditions are unacceptable: too great destructive potential of a frontal collision of opposing forces.
Here begins the most difficult. We discovered only a general formula for achieving justice. Its essence lies in the fact that instead of sweeping revolutionary sword of justice must be penetrating, reformative spirituality (culture) of all mankind. But to give real specific content to capacious formula is on us. The transformation of the world must be done by human hands and feet.
The world situation appears to be that without the new centers of influence that can change the vector of civilized development, is not possible to manage. Their appearance has become a needful social need. By their nature, these centers should be, above all, ethical, and the World Forum of Spiritual Culture is to become the first portent of ethic inclusive process of public and state life.
The main object of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture is to proclaim a new transformative vector of civilization development. At the base of the new transforming vector that is replacing the ideals and values of the consumer civilization, must be shown exactly Spiritual Culture! Today, it is important to understand the historical experience which shows that the Spiritual Culture - is the most important thing in modern mankind. It is the only bridge to the future! That Spiritual Culture is goal-setting foundation for all values of humanity, universal synthesis of strategic values and meanings of self-affirmation and survival of man. Only Spiritual Culture is able to remove all destructive contradictions and problems, to become an anthroposphere force of civilization, outlining the prospects of life and affirms the truth and virtue in all its layers. Two lightful roots of Spiritual Culture: spirituality as a relationship with God and culture, connecting people in a single organism, universal fraternity, can give life to process humanization all of mankind and Cultural vivification of the world. Only the spiritual culture which is placed the basis of politics can make politics to be effective evolutionary force, fair and reasonable. Equals and culture without specific cooperation with the politics of isolation and is therefore doomed to disability. In the synthesis of these two sectors is the key to solving the problem of the future of mankind. That future is seen not as a technical or scientific problem, but primarily as ethical.
The initiative of creation of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture received the support of many prominent cultural figures from Russia, Europe, Kazakhstan, India, China, Japan and other countries. President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev has supported the idea of the Forum, where he will have his report. The forum should offer an ethical form of self-organization of people and in furtherance of the structure of local government.
In the current generation of people of earth, whose share fell to live in a period of great change, has an enormous responsibility for the future of human civilization.