October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".


Prof. Dr. C. Upendra Rao

Solutions for Stabilizing the Development of Human Civilization

in the Face of Modern Challenges

Dear Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov, the organiser of tis conference in Nur-Sultan, of Kazakhstan, and other distinguished speakers and delegates, Greetings from India. I am very glad to participate in the Round table on the of "International experience: solutions and mechanisms for stabilizing the development of human civilization in the face of modern challenges", being held in the Palace of Peace and Concord in Nur-Sultan, of Kazakhstan. The stabilizing development of human civilization in the world can occur through spiritual culture and peaceful life style. The spiritual culture is that which develops the mental, cognitive, spiritual and physical progress of the people. Modern education system is mainly emphasizing the two aspects- mental and physical. This gave rise to the problem of indiscipline and unrest in the society. 

The world is heavily marching ahead in 21st Century but the peace of the world is still standing at the cross roads. Conflicts between nations are growing. Humanity has been living under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust. The efforts to impose the ban on the use of nuclear weapons have failed.  In fact, we have two kinds of ways in front of us for stabilizing the development of human civilization. One is by the infrastructural development, which is possible through the science and scientific progress, and various facilities and heavy constructions for the sake of well-being of mankind.  The other way is giving importance to the inner peace following the advice of our ancestors. It is true that all our physical development is to make man’s life convenient but if man couldn’t survive then there is no meaning to all the resources. If we see all these things deeply then we find the discussions on word peace involve two dimensions. 1. Political dimension- which is because of fear factor 2. Spiritual dimension- which is on the level of consciousness of individuals.

Materialistic development is needed but, today’s science and scientists have failed to bring peace in the world. Unfortunately, science is being utilised for manufacturing nuclear weapons and other destructive arms resulting from the misuse of scientific energy. In fact, since the discovery of atomic disintegration and of the endless chain reaction in the atom, the whole human world is living under the threat of death.

Therefore, it is not wise to say that only through the materialistic development, the development of human civilization can be possible. On the other hand, our ancient cultural wisdom including the Indian wisdom has showed to mankind the way for a new world peace and world prosperity. From the dawn of human civilization, India has projected the lofty ideals of cosmic and Universal peace. Vedas advised us to be peaceful in daily life. They have elaborated the benefits of Universal brotherhood and explained to us how to achieve the development of human civilization in the face of modern challenges and the peaceful life.    

The ancient Indian literature explains that a happy and contented life cannot be achieved if we waste our time and energy in conflicts. If we have to achieve the peaceful life, we have to at first renounce all kinds of conflicts. Once we are free from such conflicts, peace will jump into our lives. Today whatever conflicts, violence and wars are taking place they are all just frustrate expressions of inner struggle. The real war takes place within an individual human being which gradually transforms to the external wars, which we call world war or wars between the nations. So, the real enemy of peace is within us and not outside. Therefore, all Indian scriptures emphasized on the individual peace. They emphasized on self- realization, Self-restraint and control of sense organs and more importantly the control of mind. Ultimately it is the mind, which brings the development of human civilization and the peace to an individual. This individual mental peace leads to the collective cosmic peace. Without realizing this truth, if some modern scholars say that peace can only be possible through gender justice, social justice or community justice, etc. They only see on surface level problems and not tried to understand the true nature of problems. 

Nicholas Roerich was involved throughout his life with the problems of cultural preservation. He came to realize that the cultural heritage of each nation is in the essence a world treasure. In his young age in the north of Russia, he unearthed the rare and beautiful ancient artifacts, he realized that the best products of humanity's creative genius were almost always neglected, or even destroyed, by humanity itself. He then made appeals to the Russian government to begin the efforts to maintain and restore these priceless links to the past. According to his opinion the present generation should not forget the peace advice of their ancestors. 

Ancient sages of India advocated for the worship of nature for peaceful coexistence only. Thus, we have to understand the nature of the peace concept. Therefore, all human beings have to lead a peaceful life which will open the doors for not only the community and national peace, but it can also lead us to the world peace.       Without realizing this truth, some modern scholars say that peace can only be possible through gender justice, social justice, or community justice, etc. They only see surface-level problems and not try to understand the true nature of the issues. 

Thanking you,