The main goal is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.


„Spiritual Culture: even more than a Strategy….”

Conference Oct. 17 and 18, 2015 in Astana, Kazakhstan for the Preparation of the 2nd World Forum for Spiritual Culture Suggestion for the Title and Contents of the 2nd World Forum WFSC in Astana (2016/2017)

Dorothee Frey-Burghardt, Germany, Int. Ass. PEACE through CULTURE Europe

Significance of Global Acceptance of the individual Responsibility for Peace: spiritually minded cultural WORLD-CITIZENS are peace-willing and peaceful!

In addition to all physical and mental aspects, every human being is – expressed by consciousness and character – a spiritual individuality. This is a most important and joyful insight and message for the entire humanity and also a confirmation of the importance of every single person within our global community! It is also the logical link to create awareness for solidarity within ONE HUMAN FAMILY. Such insight – already proven by numerous sciences – is leading to active responsibility of the individual, to courage for conscious actions, to a joyfully accepted dutiful responsibility in order to become a peace-willing and peaceful world-citizen, one who is capable of standing up for peace.

The Key-Role of Religions

The Int. Assoc. PEACE through CULTURE-Europe wholeheartedly supports the process of evolutionary development of the great topic “Spiritual Culture” in the frame of sciences and religions. Especially the latter – be it BUDDHISM, HINDUISM, ISLAM, JUDAISM, TAOISM, KONFUZIANISM or CHRISTIANITY – play a key-role regarding the spiritual and cultural consciousness of the human being. We would appreciate very much for the representatives of all religions to define and clarify connecting ETHICAL PRINCIPLES as their own specific spiritual-cultural background reflects these! Such measures would be of great help and significance in order to find and establish further links and possibilities for cooperation, in order to commonly and creatively aspire SYNTHESIS – in the sense of THE BEST OF THE BEST – FOR THE BEST!

ETHICS: The Level of Reflection and Objectivity to be observed by Political Leaders in all Actions

It was PLATO who at his time taught ETHICS, AESTHETICS, LOGICS and PHYSICS. Today, ETHICS as a subject has become increasingly visible and globally established, but its contents have to be qualified so that a common understanding may be achieved. ETHICS is generally defined as the SCIENCE OF CONDUCT and inner attitude. In other words: politicians themselves should be the first to serve as shining examples in the sense of highly conscious representatives of ETHICS – how else could they demand for ethical behavior from citizens, state administration and all fields of society (economy, education, media) etc.?

We consider the name of our Int. Assoc. “PEACE through CULTURE” as a SYNONYM for “ALL-/SOCIETAL HARMONY by ETHICS of ACTION”. The SCIENCE OF ETHICS is based on Universal Cosmic Laws, thus valid in our micro-cosmos for every human being, for all fields of social life as well as for all Religions. Thus everybody and everything are subject to these laws and their causality. The science of Ethics will help to overcome artificial borders in order to objectify, adjust and minimize differences on a global scale – by the beauty of conclusive scientific proof!

Invitation to ALL Humans of Good Will…

… and especially addressed to representatives of Social Sciences to examine and answer the question: which states have been involved in the smallest number of wars (internal, external)? The result will especially point clearly towards INDIA and CHINA – in relation with their large populations. In addition, an analysis of the state philosophy of BHUTAN, a small Asian country, would be of interest, as well. This country has chosen for its targets the maxim “Wellbeing for ALL”. Such kind of scientific research could help to find specific structures and codices of conduct, which could lead to an answer of the question “WHY are things as they are”?

When initiating the Ist World Conference “Towards Spiritual Concord” in Almaty in 1992, Kazakhstan’s wise leadership started a BRAVE, LASTING and truly spiritual, intercultural and inter-ethnic movement which – from a global perspective – is UNIQUE up till today! In addition, the successful implementation of the “Assembly of Peoples” must be considered as a shining example for the entire world community!

With the upcoming 2nd World Forum of Spiritual Culture – seen as an evolutionary continuation of the Ist World Forum of Spiritual Culture held in Astana in 2010 – Kazakhstan will be able to set a new and important milestone for the harmonization of world affairs. Kazakhstan is predestined to become the main connecting link between Asia and Europe, towards EURASIA – with ASTANA as its CENTRE – not only geographically!

Plato’s Postulate of “the Good – the True – the Beautiful”

It will be the most beautiful and the most essential goal of our joint spiritual-cultural efforts in the near future to transform the human DREAM of survival and peace into harmonious REALITY! Not only for those individuals, families, entire regions, hit so badly and acutely these days, but for the entire human family! “You shall not kill!” – the most important ethical commandment – is valid for all people on this planet – irrespective of their believes! ALL OF US do have the ethical DUTY to convey to our fellow men and women awareness and knowledge about the mutual interdependence of LIFE and PEACE! Spiritual Unity in cultural Diversity will reap in the greatest results!

May the 2nd World Forum of Spiritual Culture become a benefit for all mankind in creating peace, happiness and joy based on the GOOD, the TRUE and the BEAUTIFUL! Along with these wishes from the bottom of my heart I send my best greetings to ALL of you!