APPEAL of World Forum of Spiritual Culture Presidium to all people of good will and to all peace-loving humanity

Peace to the peoples of Earth!    The world is tired of war, violence, destruction, hostility and distrust. However the mankind has never accepted the imperfection and injustice of its existence. The best people on Earth did not give up searching for ways to change the existing unjust order. Indeed, the whole history of our planet is filled with intense search for new ideas that can change and transform the world, fraught with controversy, conflicts, injustice, and ignorance. And such ideas were born! As a fiery trajectory, transpiercing their epoch, they illuminated the path to the future of humanity, and let the humanity rise to a higher level of civilization ascension.

   Today, in the pantheon of great ideas that have an enormous transformative force, the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, held in Astana in October 2010, rises onto the podium of the highest value of human civilization with the whole range of the world’s spiritual development. More than 500 delegates from 72 countries worldwide became the participants of the World Forum.
   The sacred key to the transformation of human civilization is Spiritual Culture. The understanding of the true role and mission of Spiritual Culture came to fruition not at once and not suddenly. This understanding came during the struggle for real changes, as spiritual harmony had been established in the world. Vibrating with its veracity the main philosophical formula of the upcoming evolution was born in the course of the daily routine, i.e. Spiritual Culture from which the New World will develop. Today, the rise of Spiritual Culture continues. We start to understand that it is the Spiritual Culture that determines the direction of the development of civilization and ensures a promising future, since those who focus on the future, already live in it. It is being purified from all layers and deformations of consumer civilization, and the status of the main value of human society, which determines its present and future, has been given back to it.
   Today it is extremely important to maintain the powerful impulse towards Spiritual Unity and Transformation, set in Astana in October 2010. The preparation for the Second Session of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, scheduled for October 2013, enters into the homestretch. Under current conditions it is not enough just to sustain the torch of light, lit by the Forum over our Planet. It is essential to inflate in every possible way the purifying flames of renewal to hold together the supporters and followers of Spiritual Culture and strengthen the ranks of the World Movement “Towards a New World through Spiritual Culture”.
   Taking into account the call of the time, the World Forum of Spiritual Culture Presidium approved the theme: “Towards World Peace through Spiritual Culture” as the main topic of the Second Session of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture. Upon that the format of the Forum is to be focused not only on the struggle for peace, but on the idea of integration, unification of disparate forces striving for peace and harmony.
   Under current conditions, the problem of peace and spiritual harmony of peoples is particularly topical. Unfortunately, the threat of a new global confrontation is constantly and rapidly increasing. Some states and world centers of power are committed to changing global rules, co-development of a new, mutually beneficial mechanism of the global political and economic governance. However, other groups of the world elite place their stake on resolution of the crisis through a new global armed conflict. Confirmation of this view comes from stirring up military confrontation in Syria, threat of an attack on Iran, and escalating tensions in the Southeast Asia, on the Korean Peninsula, and around the disputed islands between Japan and China, etc.  
   This situation is related to the unwinding of a series of regional armed conflicts, and very similar to the course of events on the eve of the First and Second World Wars. And in the same way, we can observe the crisis of the international law system when disputable issues are resolved from the position of strength with ever increasing frequency. The authority of world’s leading organizations, including the United Nations, whose members are increasingly unable to reach agreement on key issues and extinguish conflicts in the bud by diplomatic means, is being eroded.
   World Peace is more than a peaceful world. This concept has extremely large capacity. It involves structural changes in the whole system of civilization, and these changes, above all, should take place in those areas of life that are responsible for the safe coexistence of people. Fear, violence, destruction, death, poverty - all these are the products of the old world, its negative factors affecting destructively a human being. Along with unwinding of military conflicts the following factors can be referred to as well: global-scale environmental challenges, terrorism, the global economic crisis and problems of food security, information violence, damaging people's minds, religious-based disputes, the lack of harmonious coexistence in families, problems of internal balance of man and many other things. 
   Genuine peace - is not just the absence of war. Only a world free of violence and fear is the real world.
   What can a peace loving humanity oppose to dark forces resisting evolution?
  In order to meet targets successfully, of course, the mankind should create the main subject of the global peace-making process! An entirely new Global Movement should become this subject. The World Forum of Spiritual Culture has declared the establishment of such a movement and articulated its main objective “Towards a new world through Spiritual Culture” and thus marked the beginning. The seedlings of such a movement have already been coming up everywhere and its potential leaders have appeared, proving by their selfless work and actions their honesty, determination, selflessness, knowledge, and skill.
  Therefore, we, the members of the Presidium of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture appeal primarily to you - a new generation of spiritual leaders who are fully aware of the necessity and inevitability of changes dictated by life, the greatness and importance of Spiritual Culture in the transformation of modern humanity, with the sincere belief that you will understand and accept our call for consolidation and cohesion of all peace-loving forces of the world, and will join the ranks of a brand new Spiritual Movement to take an active part in the ascension of Spiritual Culture on the pedestal of the highest value. For it is the Spiritual Culture, which is able in a variety of its features to harmonize the hard world of passions that shake our planet, and gradually mitigate the increasing escalation, and help restore the social, international, interethnic and ecological balance in the world, the mobilizing unity of all peoples for the sake of preservation of our planet and the mankind’s survival. We believe that the mighty power of Beauty and Knowledge, Confidence and Benevolence, Justice and Love can save and transform the world.
  The initiative to hold the Second Session of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, entitled “Towards World Peace through Spiritual Culture”, gained support from many prominent cultural figures from Russia, Europe, Kazakhstan, India, China, Japan, America and other countries.
   Therefore we appeal to Earth people of good will to join the banners of the New World Spiritual Movement and carry out primary targets for further development of the international initiative, approved by the Presidium of the Forum.
1. Create a worldwide network of regional headquarters of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture.
2. Hold press – conferences, dedicated to the Second Session of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture in the world’s largest metropolitan cities.
3. Attract the most prominent people of our time as potential allies and Forum participants.  
4. Attract the investors to fund raise the II WFSC.
5. Establish a widest presence on the World Wide Web to promote the ideas of WFSC.
   We hope you will support this heartfelt concern for peace, demonstrated by peacekeepers in many countries, and for your participation in holding and organizing the Second Session of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, as well as in the World Movement “Towards a New World through Spiritual Culture”.
The members of the Presidium of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture:
Tolegen Mukhamejanov (Kazakhstan), Iosif Kobzon (Russia), William Augustat (Austria) ...
(All members of the Presidium)