In Reference to the great and extraordinary AWARD, which has been given to the International Association "PEACE through CULTURE" - represented by our Präsident Tolegen M.Muhamedzhanov - we congrate you, dear friends in Moscow as all over co-workers and supporters in Russia, Ucraine and others!!!

You - under our Founder and his followers - Prof. Valentin M.Siderov, Prof. Dr.Rostislav B.Rybakov and than Prof. Tolegen Muhamedzhanov - did really a beautifull job!!!!
Thank you to all of them! We also include the Pioniers in the time of initiation - especially the Vice-Präsidents Vesselitzky, Eduard Balashow, Michael Bachantsow, Awasty from India - and also todays President of the Int. Association Prof. Tolegen Muhamedzhanov! who has been also a very activ and a dynamic Pionier from the first Moment on!
We are very happy and proud, that the President of RUSSIA noted and honored our idealistic work - which has been invested by many hearths and hands from all over our planet! Alos many thanks to the INTERNATIONAL ROERICH-MOVEMENT, the international BANNER OF PEACE-representatives... and many others around our Planet.
Our 'fight' with non-violant weapons to convince worldleaders as all ethical, 'thinking'-people on our planet that a ever-lasting PEACE can only be made and arranged on the level of SPIRITUAL CULTURE - ETHICS on the fundament of spiritual 'Unity in Diversity' as 'Diversity in spiritual-ethical UNITY'!
Therefore - We ALL should be proud that the highest representativ of RUSSIA - Mr. V.Putin - noted our common investment as engagement for a better, peacefull and violant-free future! Let us proceed on these fundaments - even more, better...!
Thank you - and JOY to ALL of you!!! ...which are - have been - and will be directly as indirects involved in ALL we did!
Your Coworker
President PtC-Europe
1. Vice President under Prof. Valentin M.Siderow in Moscow