October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".



In Reference to the great and extraordinary AWARD, which has been given to the International Association "PEACE through CULTURE" - represented by our Präsident Tolegen M.Muhamedzhanov - we congrate you, dear friends in Moscow as all over co-workers and supporters in Russia, Ucraine and others!!!

You - under our Founder and his followers - Prof. Valentin M.Siderov, Prof. Dr.Rostislav B.Rybakov and than Prof. Tolegen Muhamedzhanov - did really a beautifull job!!!!
Thank you to all of them! We also include the Pioniers in the time of initiation - especially the Vice-Präsidents Vesselitzky, Eduard Balashow, Michael Bachantsow, Awasty from India - and also todays President of the Int. Association Prof. Tolegen Muhamedzhanov! who has been also a very activ and a dynamic Pionier from the first Moment on!
We are very happy and proud, that the President of RUSSIA noted and honored our idealistic work - which has been invested by many hearths and hands from all over our planet! Alos many thanks to the INTERNATIONAL ROERICH-MOVEMENT, the international BANNER OF PEACE-representatives... and many others around our Planet.
Our 'fight' with non-violant weapons to convince worldleaders as all ethical, 'thinking'-people on our planet that a ever-lasting PEACE can only be made and arranged on the level of SPIRITUAL CULTURE - ETHICS on the fundament of spiritual 'Unity in Diversity' as 'Diversity in spiritual-ethical UNITY'!
Therefore - We ALL should be proud that the highest representativ of RUSSIA - Mr. V.Putin - noted our common investment as engagement for a better, peacefull and violant-free future! Let us proceed on these fundaments - even more, better...!
Thank you - and JOY to ALL of you!!! ...which are - have been - and will be directly as indirects involved in ALL we did!
Your Coworker
President PtC-Europe
1. Vice President under Prof. Valentin M.Siderow in Moscow