October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".


Dear cochairman of WFSC, dear colleague Tolegen Mukhamedjanov! Dear members of Presidium of WFSC!

I can bravely say on behalf of all colleagues that we were waiting your address about the destiny of WFSC and exactly about holding of The Second World Forum. You can feel how everybody looks at you as on a core of our international group. 

Your spiritual light and creative energy could so powerfully unite people of different professions, religions and cultures around the capital of your motherland. As a result all of us started to consider Astana as a symbolical spiritual capital of the world.
We entirely share your alarm for so dangerous processes happening worldwide. I think it would be reasonable to hoist one flag during the forum: "TOGETHER WE BUILD PEACE ON EARTH - TOGETHER AGAINST ALL FORMS OF WAR".
Due to the preparation for the new conference, please allow me to share some proposals:
First. I suggest the name of the conference as "Together we build Peace on earth. Together against all forms of war". The main directions of this subject should be formulated and spread out between all invited participants as fast as possible, before it will get too late.
Secondly. For improvement of scientific and cultural shape of our activity I suggest to pay special attention to scientific preparation of the Forum. In this regard I make special proposals:
a - it would be great if the organizing committee could state the exact and concrete ideas, tasks and subject of the conference.
b - to ask each alleged participant not only to state the exact name and the speech for the Forum, but to send the report itself approximately 1 month before the Forum. 
c - based on received reports the organizing committee reconsiders carefully a new structure, subject and headings of conference and publish all the reports on the Forum's official site.
d - after publishing the reports the organizing committee invites each participant to look through all reports attentively and read all reports of his future participated section and arrive to the Forum prepared, with the ready questions and special proposals concerning subject of the section and in general concerning the general process of the Forum.
e - After the Forum it is desirable for authors of each report to improve the text taking in attention questions, remarks and offers made during performances.
f - finally the organizing committee collects final versions of reports for the publication in different languages. It would be also great to create the special commission from skilled researchers and editors who will strictly define the scientific novelty and a practicality of the reports.
g - to me it seems important to elect more carefully and strictly from representatives of scientific world, and may be reasonable to reduce the list of the invitees. What we need in general are new scientific paradigms, new talented and sensible ideas and real perspective offers.
Thirdly. I think that it is also necessary for the upcoming Forum to pay attention and make efforts on creating powerful organizational structure for WFSC management. In this context I suggest to elect from active members of WFSC from different countries who will promote deeper development and contribute mission of WFSC. 
At last, I offer to approve clear and real road map in order to create Foundation of WFSC. 
It would be also remarkable to give more opportunities for new generation representatives to take part in our movement. And let this spark begins with representatives of young generation of Astana and Kazakhstan.
With deep respect,
WDSC Presidium member,
Professor Suhail Farah.