The main goal is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.


Dear friends,

We congratulate you on the 25th anniversary of the founding of The International Association “Peace through Culture”! On July 12, 1989 the foundation conference of the All - Union Association “Peace through Culture” took place at the Conference Hall of the Union of Soviet Writers of the USSR in Moscow. For a quarter of a century, being one of the well-known non-governmental organization,

our Association by its active and effective work has been making a significant contribution to public awareness, the formation of the new thinking, based on the principles of creativity and humanity.
Spiritual and moral guidance, which were taken as the basis of the Association by its first president Valentin Mitrofanovich Sidorov all these years have been a solid foundation for cultural, educational, social, political and peacekeeping activity. 
The essence of the slogan “Peace through Culture” is to affirm the principles of Peace through the establishment of genuine cultural and humanitarian relations between people in all spheres of human existence. 
Over 25 years of work of the Association these basic principles have embodied in a number of projects aimed at establishing close contacts with many famous religious and spiritual organizations of the Planet, prominent spiritual leaders, political and cultural figures. Thanks to this stand the Association could take the initiative in holding international conferences, convening the World Congress of Spiritual Concord, and conducting the World Forum of Spiritual Culture. The formula “Peace through Culture” became a kind of motto, to which people of the spirit and positive aspirations responded. 
We are pleased that under the sign of this lightful motto the ways of people from Russia and Kazakhstan, India and Europe united. We are happy that under the sign of this motto that encourages optimism and hope in our difficult time, scientists and politicians, religious leaders and philosophers, artists and poets gathered. We rejoice at this diversity, because the true peace, the true fullness of unity can be achieved only on the basis of cultural diversity, open-minded dialogue and mutual spiritual enrichment. 
New time, without changing the foundations, brings changes in the activities of the Association. Today the main task on the agenda is to establish Spiritual Culture as the foundation of the whole system of human values, deep primordial development and a decisive factor in the transformation of human civilization. 
The motto “Peace through Culture” is still a topical appeal, but now all the variety of human existence should be brought to the unchanging course of ethical transformation, as well as to develop new qualities of the World - Integrity and Commitment in the global processes.
We wish all our friends, colleagues and associates in the spirit of unity, harmony in action and creative inspiration of continuous work for the good of the world, in the name of the establishment of Spiritual Culture! 
In spite of living in different cities and countries, let’s unite in common aspiration to the Highest and send the bright idea of doing the good, which is “Towards peace in the world through Spiritual Culture!” 
Members of the Presidium of the International Association “Peace through Culture”