Dear Friends

I wish you a Happy Easter, the great feast of the Resurrection of Christ! May the life win! May all the bad things become the things of the past! May the revival of light, peace and goodness begin! International internet marathon dedicated to the Victory Day begins on the website “Writer in the Internet space”:

We ask all the authors and friends of the website to send their works (read the conditions of the marathon).
Let’s support Ukraine!
The next mailout will present photos about the launch of the new anthology “LitEra”, which will take place at the Central House of Writers; poems by Georgian poets; a new story by Vadim Peregud (Kiev), Alexei Filimonov’s interview (by B. Spector, Lugansk); new stories by Tatyana Yankovskaya and Yelena Litynskaya (USA) and many more ...
We are looking forward to your news and new works!
Nataliya Varenik 
Site Administrator