October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".


Dear Friends!

I have very long-awaited, necessary, essential information for all of us. We have received the first pledge of 500,000 Russian rubles from Svetozar Darnev, member of the WFSC Presidium, to hold the Second World Forum of Spiritual Culture. In this connection, we place the letter I have sent Svetozar Darnev on behalf of all of us.

Dear Svetozar Pavlovich:
I sincerely thank you for your generous contribution to the fund of WFSC. This is a wonderful example of how we should strive for consistency between what we say and what we do. Let it serve as an inspiring incentive for all business people and business organizations that share our goals. I also thank you for valuable suggestions in regard to the letters to governments and business communities. Upon considering your opinion and consultation with our colleagues, we will modify the texts of the letters in order to send them to the addressees immediately after the Christmas and New Year's holidays.
I wish you, dear Svetozar Pavlovich and Irina Stepanovna Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! I wish your family happiness, health, peace and prosperity! Let your best hopes and aspirations come true!