The main goal is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.


From “Towards Spiritual Concord” to a “Global PEACE Initiative”

Conference Oct. 17 and 18, 2015 in Astana, Kazakhstan for the Preparation of the 2nd World Forum for Spiritual Culture Suggestion for the Title and Contents of the 2nd World Forum WFSC in Astana (2016/2017)

Willy Augustat, Int. Ass. PEACE through CULTURE Europe

1) The CALL for PEACE today is experiencing a worldwide resonance! The concrete willpower directed to Worldpeace is getting hold of more and more peoples – and, therefore, must be transformed actively by Politics and Culture as WILL OF THE PEOPLE! The hearts of the majority of peoples worldwide are concentrating on WORLDPEACE! Therefore, the creation of a global energy field, of a peace magnet, is the call of the hour!

2) An analysis of the present overall situation mainly reveals military WAR ACTIVITIES or, if at all, a socially concealed attitude in the most various forms, on almost all continents, on the most diverse levels – accompanied by emotional, sometimes even noble words of justification, appeals, pamphlets from Politics and Culture. A remarkable silence on the part of social and so-called peace scientists is to be observed in view of these deplorable circumstances! Therefore, the WORLD PEACE DAY to be celebrated on Sept. 21st almost seems an ironical thought in view of the clashes surrounding us.

Where are the feasible concepts for Worldpeace,

Where do we find Worldpeace actions?

3) Obviously, the existing cultural and social PEACE MOVEMENTS have not acted strongly enough or even launched contraproductive initiatives in the past? Looking at the balance of their actions, the results show catastrophic to inhuman conditions. Diverting tactics by creating events of all kinds such as Climate Change Conferences, Rescue Events for the never ending Finance Crises etc. (all of them being legitimate in their basic claim, but right now only helping to shift priorities in the wrong way), are filling up the agendas of responsible people in our leaderships.

First priority, however, must be – here and now – with a valid WORLDPEACE CONCEPT, a concept which is suitable for a stepwise realization. We cannot discuss a 2nd WFSC, without having in mind the present global situation with the most diverse hotspots. Friendly and beautiful words alone will not lead us anywhere. Therefore, we make the appeal to consider the following topic as the MAJOR subject for our upcoming organizational conference on Oct. 17 and 18, 2015:

The immediate founding of a

WORLDPEACE INSTITUTE – if possible, in Astana/Kazakhstan

... And to not only discuss this issue, but to put in into practice without delay.

Only by the help of such valuable instrument in conjunction with the support of a growing peace community, will we be able to give examples for peace actions and to inspire the world community accordingly. Spiritual Culture can only base on PEACE. For this reason, the eixstence of an active PEACE INSTITUTE is an indispensible requirement for all further actions.


  • A cultural WORLDPEACE ASSOCIATION (Institute), formed by peace initiatives and organizations of all peoples and cultures globally, should be founded without delay – if possible, in Astana! This initiative should then lead to a continental, afterwards to a global Peace Communication and Cooperation amongst all PEACE MOVEMENTS. As a major requirement, a practicable concept must be developed first, how non-violence can be installed and maintained within an ethically oriented society!
  • As a second most urgent requirement for a global Peace Fundament a spiritual and ethical agreement of all human beings must be reached to reflect the principle combining all mankind, namely to define LIFE as holy and therefore, nobody is entitled to kill others or to distroy the life of others – be it directly or indirectly – independent of any religious conviction.
  • In consequence, an agreement must be reached with respect to GLOBAL, ETHICAL PRINCIPLES to be valid for any and all cultural as well as religious communities – guidelines which must be implemented into the statutes of the WORLDPEACE Institute!

The example of Kazakhstan’s “PEOPLES ASSEMBLY” which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! ... should serve as a model for a successful instrument within a multi-cultural environment. It should encourage us all to go a step further now, as suggested in my contribution here and to prepare the grounds for our 2nd WFSC globally by the FOUNDATION of a WORLDPEACE INSTITUTE now!


Our 2nd great WFSC which is now still in its preparation phase should, therefore, make all further steps already together with an existing WORLD PEACE INSTITUTE, as a supporting tool and concentrate on one central subject mainly

The Concrete Global Cooperation of all PEACE Associations, organizations and Movements on a worldwide basis!

Suitable host countries for such a courageous move and SUBJECT could also be, besides Kazakhstan as a favourite candidate, India or even China – countries which obviously are displaying a distinct attitude in favour of PEACE support.

Our motto since 1992 shall accompany our common path, also in the future: