The main goal is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.


Happy Birthday Dear Tolegen,

Dear Tolegen - even having many boarders and other limmitations between us - we all from Austria, Germany and Switzerland are sending our BEST THOUGHTS AND WISHES!.

May you remain healthy and enjoy your beautifull as great position! May your country go strictly the way of Peace and spiritual HARMONY on all levels.
Gundi and I will be next sunday in a cycel, in which within 24 hours the Wagners WHOLE RING will be on stage! This is called the MARATHON-Ring!
No sleep between! Next you come - be our guest (again)!
The "Willy, Reinhold, Gundi, Liz, Elmar, Eric and many other-CHORUS = HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!