Happy Spiritual Concord Day!!!

Dear friends and comrades We wish you the Happy Day of Spiritual Concord! This tradition began in 1992 in Kazakhstan 

at the First Session of the World Congress of Spiritual Concord. Today, after more than 20 years, the idea of good-neighborliness, peace and spiritual harmony is becoming more popular and urgently necessary.
The spiritual unity of people of different cultures and religions is an important factor in ensuring stability and sustainable development of both individual states and the entire Planet.
We are all aware that the peace is fragile and the harmonious development of the world depends on joint efforts of the entire international community to stabilize the harmony and unity.
We are convinced that by solving consistently the problem of authentic culture rise, widening the capacity of its influence on all aspects of society, we will gradually assert the unity of the spiritual world, the world of civil harmony, peace of economic cooperation, inter-ethnic world of good neighborliness, peaceful interfaith respect.
We wish all our friends, colleagues and associates the unity in spirit, harmony in action and creative inspiration of continuous work for the good of the world, for the sake of the approval of the Spiritual Culture!
The Russian branch of the International Association “Peace through Culture”, Social Movement “New Country”, the International Center for Spiritual Culture.