Participants and supporters of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture!

The Second World Forum of Spiritual Culture planed for October 2013 is almost upon us. Astana was unanimously chosen as its venue. And that choice was predetermined and justified. 

The Days of Spiritual Concord which have turned into traditional and meaningful international conferences on spirituality in the modern world are annually held in the capital of Kazakhstan. The First World Forum of Spiritual Culture took place there. The success of all these events was largely due to understanding and support from the State and thousands of ordinary citizens, residents of Astana.
Today Astana is ready and pleased to host ambassadors from all over the world. The principal office established by the WFSC Organizing Committee is still working here, and in continual contacts with all the members of the Presidium.
However our life goes on and brings changes in our plans. As you may know, the new State Opera and Ballet theatre Astana Opera will be opened in Astana. This is an important event in the spiritual and cultural life of our country. President Nursultan Nazarbayev appointed me to the position of General Director of Astana Opera House. Preparations for its opening are well underway. The unique building and its technical equipment are already ready. The international competition for the right to work in the new theater is being held among artists, soloists and musicians.
The international presentation of Astana Opera House with the participation of Head of state, a large number of visitors from abroad and world opera and ballet stars is scheduled for 21 October 2013. Therefore, the Second World Forum of Spiritual Culture, unfortunately, cannot be carried out in the traditional terms to mark the Day of Spiritual Concord on October 18. Due to the same reason, as Сo-chair of the WFSC and Work Group Leader I cannot prepare for it at an intense rate.
In this regard, I ask the WFSC Presidium and everyone who is interested in participating in it, to move the Forum to October 2014. I hope, dear friends, that you will react to the current situation with understanding and support the decision.
The coming year will give us more time for good preparation for the Forum and will create better conditions for its implementation. As always, we are confident of your support that encourages and inspires us all. 
The President of the International Association “Peace through Culture”
Co-Chair of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture
Tolegen Mukhamejanov