Support from Jinglin Hou

Co-chairman of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture President of the International Community Foundation "Congress of Spiritual Concord" Director of Opera and Ballet "Astana Opera" Tolegen Mukhamedjanov 

Dear Tolegen Mukhamedjanovich
We, members of the Presidium and of the historic First World Forum of Spiritual Culture in Astana -2010, are long concerned about the lack of news from Kazakhstan and worried about the fate of our common offspring and unique movement which has had no analogues in the world so far.
We would like to express our support for your difficult mission to organize and coordinate WFSC in Kazakhstan, as well as to express our understanding of the real problems that are associated with the second WFSC, previously scheduled for 2013!
During the global financial crisis, it is difficult to find support from sponsors who are able to assist in organizing such a big event.
Therefore, we would like to discuss:
1 - is it possible to hold a second forum?
2 - would it make sense to move it to a later date and to instead hold a conference for the active members of the WFSC?
3 - Should we look for opportunities for the second WFSC in another country, where we have our representatives?
4 - Which stage are we of the fund establishment and what obstacles and opportunities are facing the WFSC?
We believe that the leadership of the Republic of Kazakhstan understands that this movement contributes to the image of the state and raises it to an entirely different level. We do not doubt that your efforts will resonate within the country's leadership.
We would also like to measure the forces and capabilities to help you in your preparation. It would therefore be desirable and feasible if:
A - we assign, specify, and coordinate the actions and responsibilities of all members of the WFSC Presidium.
B - we discuss all outstanding matters through video conference, which we were not able to do in the past year because of technical difficulties or publish on the WFSC site brief letters from members of the Bureau indicating their suggestions and opinions instead.
Each and every one of us cares about the fate of our Forum. We understand that the future of our children and the future of the Planet in need of such initiatives.
No wonder WFSC gathered around it the best scientists, artists, and art-known public figures! It rallied the core of bright minds that could affect the future of the Earth.
We are well aware of your employment at the new position and we once again want to express our strong support and wish you strength and patience in your work!
Members of the Presidium WFSC and participants
Wilhelm Augustat (Austria)
Suhail Farah (Russia - Lebanon)
Athanase Vantchev de Thracy (France)
Iman Valerya Porokhova (Russia)
Caroline Ebertshaeuser (Germany)
Yuri Ageshin (Russia)
Larisa Trunina (Russia)
Irina Darneva (Russia)
Jinglin Hou (China)
Ernesto KAHAN (Israel)
Svyatozar Darnev (Russia)
Natalia Varenik (Ukraine)
Vadim Anastasiadi (Georgia
Jonathan Granoff (USA)
Robert Chase (USA)
Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli (Suisse)
Susana Roberts (Argentina)
Reinhart Ruge (Mexico)
Tiahoga Ruge (Mexico)
Valery Ruzin (Russia)
Hans Peter Duerr (Germany)
Saprykina Anastasia (Russia)
Dvoryanov Sergey (Russia)