The WORLD PEACE DAY on September 21st

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     is a strong impact and Ethical Obligation for each and every citizen of the world to be aware of – by everyone who is deeply concerned with the ever increasing global political and military tensions.

     It is a fact that the condition of World Peace is in a very bad shape. Politicians of nations equipped with nuclear weapons – such as ISRAEL and the United States of America – dare to announce that there will be a “military strike” against IRAN before long. Other states with nuclear potential seem to protect Iran (such as Russia and China) including the Iranian nuclear equipment! Highly paid mercenaries with latest hightech equipment are involved in and even stir up civil wars and fratricidal wars – whilst the chaotic development in Europe, Africa, the Arabic States etc. is progressing at high speed. The least provocation can now have the most extreme consequences for an unforeseeable period of time.

     What then could the „least“ earthling do against this development? What is considered the right action in this situation?

     First of all, we ALL have to participate actively in the maintaining and shaping of WORLD PEACE by mental support. The highest ranking energies for motivation and concrete planning are to be found in the human ability of thinking! – they just wait to be discovered and to be used in a targeted action. It was this – spiritual – way by which all of the cultural-evolutionary processes came about leading to the formation of high cultures and civilizations that existed over centuries in peaceful co-existence! “Our brain offers the true ability of influencing material, i.e. physical processes of creation. The pre-requisite for this capability, from a physical point of view, is that a thought must be “kept” for at least three seconds …” (“Thoughts create Reality” – Dieter Broers, Trinity Publishing House).


     Therefore, „MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH!“…

… should be our common wish, our primary thought coming from our hearts which we should “transfer” on Sept. 21st – repeatedly and daily, if possible – into the global cosmic field of consciousness – that field which connects us all, irrespective of our intentions. Every human being is an individual sender, thus taking part in the programming of world events …

     The majority of humankind should at least be united in the heartfelt wish to grow into one non-violent union!

Our recommendation:by all means support each and any social peace movement which is ethically based and which you feel confident with.

     We have made the decision together with the spiritual and cultural associations



and the

International Ethical Association „WORLD SPIRAL“ – Austria


     to circulate and propagate this APPEAL as widely as possible so that great numbers of individuals and groups may identify themselves with this target.

W.Augustat, President International Association PEACE through CULTURE Europe