TOWARDS WORLD PEACE Resolution of International Research-to-Practice Conference, dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of The First World Congress of Spiritual Concord Astana, October 2012

  Civilization itself depends upon the peaceful co-existence of peoples. The ideal of a world at peace has served as an inspiration for both material and spiritual evolutionary transformation for centuries; indeed, it has always been the fervent prayer of all peace loving people. New global threats, such as hostilities between countries, environmental degradation, and economic turmoil, are increasing faster than the capacity of elites to effectively manage them. The threat of a collapse of the existing social order remains. It is exacerbated by the dangers of military confrontations. This fact emphasizes the critical task of safeguarding and strengthening every dimension of world peace and harmony amongst peoples, nations, and between humanity and the environment.

Recognizing the uniqueness of this critical moment in world history, the Conference recommends that the Second Session of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture (WFSC) be focused entitled and focus upon the topic “Towards World Peace through Spiritual Culture.”
We commit to working to achieve greater unity of people everywhere who honor the spiritual source of our humanity, the power that gives us concord and friendship.
A priority task of the Second Session of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture is to create and offer the world a modern Peace Pact – a inspirational Peace Message guided by centuries of mankind’s quest for peace and appropriate for the 21st Century.
This International Conference recommends that the WFSC Presidium:
1. Form an international working group to draft the Peace Pact, which should be submitted to the Second Session of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture;
2. Create a network of regional headquarters;
3. Hold press conferences to cover WFSC in metropolitan cities all over the Planet;
4. Attract the most prominent people of our time as potential allies and Forum participants;
5. Help find the investors to fund raise and enlist key sponsors for II WFSC;
6. Establish a widest presence on the World Wide Web to promote the ideas of WFSC.