Vision Statement World Forum of Spiritual Culture Astana, Kazakhstan

 We are grateful for the gift of life. We are aware that today irresponsible uses of science, technology, and social organization are threatening to destroy the living systems upon which civilization depends. We have placed the health of the oceans, the climate, and even the very lungs of the planet, the rainforests, at risk. In the pursuit of security states still threaten global annihilation with nuclear weapons. We believe that part of the solution is the invigoration of spiritual culture. Spiritual culture is the expression of our highest values. In order to inspire heart and minds to work in harmony we state our basic beliefs.

We believe:
The human family is one. We are all sustained by the same immeasurable power of life – regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender, or ethnicity.  This power gives us the qualities of love and compassion and the capacity to know ourselves, nurture and protect the natural world, express beauty, pursue justice, and establish institutions to honor this sacred power living in every person.

Diversity strengthens nations and demonstrates the creative capacity of the spirit.
Every person is unique and must be respected as an individual. Different nations and religions have unique points of view which similarly deserve respect. It takes many different colored flowers to have a beautiful garden, many different notes to achieve harmony, and many different points of view to enrich culture.
We are part of a growing global culture based on material productivity.  Material wealth alone is not sufficient to satisfy humanity's purposes nor bring stability. We must also honor the sacred dimension of human beings. It is from this spiritual well spring that our highest values emerge. Well being and happiness are the result of living these spiritual values.
These values are the basis for human dignity and human rights, peace and harmony amongst nations and peoples, and justice and the rule of law.
Every human being is blessed with an ineffable power which cannot be measured. Without this power the body decomposes.  This power cannot be known by the senses nor controlled by science or technology. It bestows life and consciousness on each individual and connects us with the infinite source of all being and all individual beings as well. Without honoring this power human life is wasted.
It is honored when we treat other lives as we wish to be treated. It is honored when we live in harmony with the natural world and respect and love one another. It is disgraced when we resort to the arrogant quest to dominate each other and exploit the natural world without caring for future generations who might also be blessed by this power.  With these spiritual values we have the opportunity for higher levels of individual fulfillment, national stability, and global cooperation. These goods are required to pass on a sustainable future to our children.
We are committed to bringing universally inspiring spiritual values expressed in spiritual culture into greater prominence and using them to guide our personal lives and the institutions in which we live. We commit to these purposes and invite all to join us.