The main goal is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.


Your invitation to participate in the preparatory conference in Oct. 2014 in Astana to discuss a 2nd World Forum of Spiritual Culture

Dear Tolegen, No doubt, we greatly welcome your continued initiative for Spiritual Concord – a most necessary step to counter the terrible war shouting 

spread by politicians and the media – most of all in the USA, in Mid - and West Europe – by setting positive actions. All of the political, economic and social, but in addition the cultural and spiritual structures are undergoing a dynamic radical change! The direction is obvious: a GLOBAL restructuring is under way! “Eurasia” is forming as a united continent and Astana is the geographical focus! Also, South America is in a parallel process of uniting its strengths.
We – as International movement “Peace through Culture” (based on the PAX CULTURA concept) have to be especially aware of this development, we must foster this process and make use of it in all possibilities and within our potential in order to arrive jointly at the target of all mankind: WORLD PEACE (PAX UNIVERSALIS, as it was put by Dante Alighieri), within the shortest possible time frame!
With the formation of the “Shanghai Union” EURASIA has made a dynamic approach already! In this process, however, the spiritual and cultural aspects and issues have yet to find consideration in a quality manner!
Consequently, Peace through Culture Europe sincerely welcomes the idea of holding a dialogue among our international, cultural group of friends of the WFSC in the first phase. So, the scheduled organizational meeting of the Org Committee in Astana in Oct. 2014 should serve this goal, based on a spiritually wide, global perspective. The truly wise leadership of Kazakhstan can look upon most successful concepts to this end in your home country (Peoples’ Assembly etc.) – concepts that could very well be used as a model for other countries and continents rather, such as South America and Africa!
Therefore, all of the spiritual supporters of the WFSC should send in their practical ideas and thoughts in writing prior to Oct. 15, 2014, ideas suitable to dynamically develop a concrete path to PEACE. (also see Prof. Suhail Farah’s letter to you in this respect, published on the Astana website) Such concepts and ideas should lead to a meaningful program for a dialogue conference (the 2nd World Forum of Spiritual Culture) with the distinct target to jointly progress on the path towards WORLD PEACE within Spiritual Concord!
By the way: an example of such a process can be seen with the leaders of the South American states. Not only did they sign up the PAX CULTURA (Roerich Pact) in 1935, but, as is well known globally, 33 South American countries recently decided to form an official PEACE UNION! This move in fact has to be judged as a clear sign heading “towards Spiritual Concord”!
No question, all of us in the political neutral Switzerland and likewise neutral Austria wish that all the other Unions should declare themselves “neutral” within short with respect to political-military issues. We should deeply reflect together how we could support such a process globally to the best effect.
Dear Tolegen,
Since part of our PtC board members and of our partner association Pax Universalis is only returning from summer vacation next week, we will only be able to discuss your invitation then and will come back to you with greater details regarding a visit to Astana in October shortly. 
With warmest regards from Austria,
Willy Augustat
Int. Ass. PEACE through CULTURE Europe