October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".


1999 - 2000

We continue to publish a Chronicle of the main events of the Congress of Spiritual Concord and the World Forum of Spiritual Culture


On October 18 a round table "Problems of spiritual harmony in society on the threshold of the third millennium" was held in Astana.

The discussion focused on issues related to the establishment of a modern model of state-confessional relations based on strict observance of the constitutional right to freedom of conscience and freedom of religion, trust between state bodies and religious associations. Such important themes as the destiny of confessions in the context of globalization, preservation of traditional religions and cultures, ensuring equality of religious associations, counteraction to extremism, incitement of inter-religious and inter-ethnic conflicts, the struggle against social evils were raised.

These issues are in the focus of many leading politicians, scientists, public and religious figures of the country, all those who is related to shaping public opinion, to upbringing of the youth and rising generation.

What kind of Kazakhstan to be in the XXI century? - is a question of great importance. It is a question, first of all, of our spirituality, our culture and morality, ability to live in harmony and solidarity despite ethno-cultural and confessional distinctions of more than one hundred thirty ethnic groups inhabiting the country.

Creating bridges and connections between people of different cultures and religious beliefs is the imperative of our time. For a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional country this truth has a particularly urgent and profound meaning. All traditional religious trends preach principles of tolerance, high spiritual principles of personality, aversion of hostility towards representatives of other faiths and cultures, any manifestations of nationalism and extremism.

The speakers noted, that it is necessary to be persistent and purposeful to search for real, specific ways, forms and methods of interaction in the name of achievement of interconfessional and interethnic consent in the society.


On October 18 the round table "Spiritual harmony as the most important factor in the consolidation of society" was held at the press-club in the capital. 

The deputies of Majilis and Senate of Kazakhstan Parliament, members of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, heads of religious and national-cultural associations shared their thoughts about the vital aspects of peacemaking, overcoming barriers of dissociation, love to a neighbor.

The spiritual and secular persons were unanimous in the opinion that spiritual consent of the society is the basis without which the unity of the people and prosperity of the Motherland are impossible. 

The Round Table participants adopted an Appeal to the inhabitants of the city and the republic. The Appeal stated:

“The centuries-old experience of civilization teaches us: spiritual harmony is primary, followed by political, social and public harmony. We have a vast field for joint activity. By condemning such vices as drunkenness, drug addiction, moral promiscuity and crime, we are allies with the state. 

We call for clemency and mutual support. Without them there can be no unity. On Days of Spiritual Concord, people of different faiths and nationalities help those in need, regardless of religious and other differences. May a feeling of compassion lead you in everyday life, too!

We appeal to all the inhabitants of the capital and the republic to preserve and strengthen the atmosphere of stability and accord in the society. We must value it as an indisputable achievement and patrimony of all the people, especially against the background of alarming events and processes developing in neighboring countries with Kazakhstan. We must unite against all forms of cruelty and violence, which have neither national nor religious roots. We must block the road to war, standing united to defend our children, peace and the prosperity of our state.

Our strength is in spiritual harmony and unity!

We have a great responsibility to eradicate everything negative that can pass into the new millennium!”

Let us unite our efforts in the name of peace, goodness, unity, and spiritual harmony!"

During the Days of Spiritual Concord, the regional administrations of the capital organized traditional, solemn dinners, where people of different generations met in an informal, free atmosphere to talk about the most important, the most vital for all - about peace and the place of good deeds in it.

The evening “A Word about Spiritual Concord” was held at the Astana Congress Hall.         The organizers and initiators were the administrations of the city and the Almaty and Saryarka districts, the Department of Information and Public Concord, and the Department of Culture of the city.

Opening the evening, the chairman of the International Social Fund "Congress of Spiritual Concord" Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov noted that hundreds of young people these days have handed out gifts to thousands of Astana citizens, charity lunches were held, an action "Do Good" and divine services for the peace and spiritual harmony of the people took place.

Nayb imam of Astana Mosque Mamlyuk Askhatuly Musaev and hegumen of Astana region of the Russian Orthodox Church father Agafangel addressed the crowd with words of greeting and blessing on that day.

Then a concert prepared by artists of the Astana Philharmonic and students of the Kazakh National Academy of Music was held. The music of Rachmaninov, Handel, Tchaikovsky, Kurmangazy, Brahms united the hearts in a burst to lofty thoughts and feelings.