The main goal is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.


Announcement for The II World Forum of Spiritual Culture

Dear friends! We are glad to inform that preparation for the Second World Forum of Spiritual Culture is entered in active phase.

Now the time came when we cannot hesitate from saving the planet from the obvious aggravated situation when there are numbers of local conflicts, each of which at any moment can develop into global. Unfortunately more often and more loudly we are hearing about inevitability of a new world war. Our sacred debt is save and develop Peace and save the Earth from big disaster.
At the period from October 17 till October 19 2014 the next Meeting of organizing committee for preparation of World Forum of spiritual Culture will take place in Astana city, Republic of Kazakhstan. The main fundamental issues according to place, time, agenda, membership and etc. of forthcoming Forum need to be defined. We urge all interested persons, organizations and communities to express their visions and to make offers on these questions. All of your wishes and initiatives will be attentively considered, published on the official site of the Forum ( and accepted to discussion on the meeting of International organizing committee. 
Every single opinion, every offer and voice is valuable to us. And the more voices will join, the louder prayerful appeal of the whole World Forum of spiritual Culture will sound and its decisions and results will be more powerful and more authoritative.
This way only seems to be suitable for us to be able to influence politicians and the governments resisting each other and to force them to work in interests of the simple people who are seeking for peace, tranquillity and prosperity.
With gratitude for kind cooperation!
International organising committee