October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".


Article written by Reinhold Maria Stangl, Austria – President – Int. Ethical Association “Welt-Spirale” (World-Spiral), ethical society for progress and world-renewal

The realization of the idea of a universal World-Union Mankind is trapped  in a labyrinth of wrong conceptions, conscious lies, half truths, ignorance and bare egoism, that is within an unreal materialism. Presently, not reason, clarity and knowledge govern the physical world, but striving for power, individual interests and dangerous emotions which are steered and manipulated according to demand and available power, through the methods of modern propaganda. The technological and economic progress of today’s world nevertheless offers no encouraging perspectives. Uncertainty in the whole world, fear of economic ruin, fear of atom bombs and speculation in uranium, gold, silver, oil and other values dominate the world. Today’s policy has less foresight and only improvisation and patching broken dams (levees).

However, resignation would be wrong, because it’s still time to find a way out of the dead end, which has to be searched primarily in an ethical renewal.
Only a factual view of the worldpolicy connections and the attempt to regulate it in a peaceful sense for welfare of the world – that is not only for European nations but for all Mankind – can lead to a practicable way out.
The future belongs to an increasing democratization even if this needs very much development and reforms. This is a condition for the reduction of tension in the whole world. Therefore a world-policy of real economic and political community has to be practiced, that is: a policy of open doors.
International solidarity will lead to a reduction of distress. The envy of the poor against the rich will still cause social unrest, because poverty cannot be justified by religious teachings or by a god as was done in the past and as an indispensable fate.
Only one world community of states will be able to create a fair social balance between rich and poor nations and races.
Hate is a dangerous boomerang due to the law of cause and effect, not just in education of individuals, but also for nations and races. Nations trying to act with love and friendship will get best results in the long run.
A better world is impossible without a spiritual and ethical renewal, because only people with a much higher consciousness and a better character will not chase after material goods, but attach to them a secondary importance. The earth offers so many treasures that without production of weapons and with elimination of a useless animal farming all of mankind can live very well without hunger, even if mankind should increase to 10 billion humans. From a certain point of living standard, the increase of the human world population will automatically decrease as is already shown in the weak growth of the white race in comparison to the colored people.
Real and true liberty means fullfillment of the natural laws and especially respect towards the community and towards the environment. However, without ethical knowledge and ethical teaching on the basis of experience facts, respect can hardly be expected, therefore no permanent success can be reached without ethics in policy.
The technical and the scientific progress has overtaken the humanities progress totally. Therefore the human being is no longer in control of the situation. He is a victim of technological development and looses the overview of the connections of life.
In the same proportion as the development of civilization increases, the technical benefits also bring disadvantages: on the one hand in a general decrease of livelihoods through civilization damage, such as contamination of the air, of the water, increasing desertification, and so on, on the other hand, they start the perfect horror of tomorrow in development of weapons technology. In the same extent as the scientific findings increase and the growth of knowledge within our civilization is raised, the demoralization of mankind multiplies by the constant increase of all kinds of crime.
The increase of living standards only makes sense if at the same time also higher spiritual and ethical values are given to the people and if people are striving for these values – thus leading to a spiritual evolution. This prerequisite does not only lack in the USA but all over the world.
Politics and economy are either positive or negative actions in daily life, depending on the way of application. There is no politics without ethics. The future of mankind is not mainly a technical and scientific problem, but an ethical one.
The era of colonialism has come to an end, therefore difficult political problems lately arose, based primarily on border problems, but also on economic issues, and on racial differences. The issue of borders and raw material therefore only can be resolved satisfactorily in the larger context of a common economic space in a peaceful way, and in paying attention to the right of self-determination of nations.
Humanity and its development stepped into a new era – the era of synthesis. This requires the overcoming of religious, national, racial, social and economic differences.
For the purpose of increasing the internationalization, nationalism, for example, is completely outdated today. Nationalism only had a relative justification in the Middle Ages. Ethnic communities will now become of major significance , which finally will result in a single universal World-Union. This is the reason why countries recently still adhering to nationalism had to suffer huge failures.
The call for a peaceful agreement and the overcoming of all national, racial, political and religious differences in the interest of all mankind is becoming more and more urgent. Only when renouncing trivial, national and economic special interests, humanity can be saved from destruction and will instead experience a great Advancement.
The ultimate goal of our time is the union of nations. All nations and races, who serve this plan, will be successful, while those who act contrary to this goal or who sabotage it will suffer failures. All attempts of conciliation of nations and brotherhood of nations naturally correspond with moral and ethics and are considered of a higher value than separations and national disputes. Finally, ethical principles are consistent with the law of nature.
No nation or people should have to feel threatened or suffer essential disadvantage; they should be able to live in the assurance to have placed their ostensible national interests in favor of a higher international unity and community, not resulting in any disadvantages, but in benefits for all. The goal of nations should be the peaceful unification without any military force, which eventually leads to a universal World-Union. If this need of time will not be met, greatest suffering for mankind is an inevitable consequence.
Within a universal World-Union without foreign policy borders, their will be neither violent conquests of countries and continents nor abduction of humans or displacements of entire ethnic groups; all this will forever belong to the cruel past. Therefore, the rejection of this idea is a sign of political shortsightedness and backwardness, because only if all state borders are dropped and all nations and races are united in a single sovereign World-Union, world peace and security for ALL can be guaranteed in the future. Therefore: Let us strive for  "Peace without any artificial borders in a universal world union"!
A universal World-Union will overcome national arrogance and chauvinism, and secure a hopeful and great future for the whole of mankind and will also eliminate forever the risk of a nuclear apocalypse.
The world's problems and world conflicts which are unavoidable and cannot be eliminated at one stroke by formation of a universal World-Union, must in any case be solved without violence in a round table approach. However, it must be secured that only the best of a nation represent their people in the top forum and that they meet not only the necessary expertise in the field of politics and economics, but also prove a corresponding character and an ethical foundation, so that the resolution of all issues can be reached as fair as possible including consideration of rights and obligations of all sides.
The idea of a universal World-Union must be carried out into the world with stronger intensity, because it offers the only guarantee for solving the increasingly complicated world problems on a peaceful and equitable basis. At the same time it is also the only way to solve the food problem in less developed countries and to prepare a paradise for the whole of mankind.
If today young people ask, where are the ideas and plans, which are worth to get engaged for, we must reply that the realization of the idea of a universal World-Union offers such great and grand possibilities, that it is really worth living in this time and employ all our creative activities and forces for a better future for mankind and the final securing of the world peace.