From the First... Jonathan Granoff

From the First

Each soul’s birth is surely a mystery
An immaculate emanation of perfection without reliance on form
Awakening, aligning, and filling form with life, learning and realization

Each soul’s birth is

grace placed in perishable and frail form
A Yes to the divine journey in time

Each soul’s birth demonstrates the presence of the divine longing to know itself

Each soul’s day is sacred and fresh

Christ, whose birthday gets attention,

reminds us of this mystery, born in the worst conditions – filth, insects, feces, urine, animals, cold, damp, and on the run –
The light shines without impediment

Christ, whose birth deserves attention, reminds us of good news

Through love we are brought here to learn

Does his story say it will be easy, clean and always clear

Does his story say we will attain peace


And Again and again and again

And with that good news, that affirmation, that praise of gratitude

Beauty realizes manifestation through

the awakening of the heart

Love obtains realization through

We obtain realization through
Compassion obtains realization through
We obtain realization through
God expresses knowing through


Knowing is the response to God’s call
“Where are you Adam?”
“Here, here
 My Beloved”


Knowing is the fulfillment of the purpose:
the hidden treasure
coming to be known.


with love, jonathan