October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".


Conception of the II Forum of Spritual Culture

The ideas and documents of the First World Forum of Spiritual Culture, held in October, 2010 are being accorded wide recognition. All events that followed it, confirmed the spiritual and moral analysis of the situation on the planet, which was made during the Forum. It is evident that at present human civilization is suffering moral and spiritual crises, which inevitably deepens. Contemporary science gives us conclusive evidence that there is a progressively clear, showing through tie between an increasing number of natural disasters and the way we live, the way we build relationships between people and nations, the way we treat our environment.

A rough response of nature to people’s aggressive attitude towards it is an extremely alarming but not the only sign, pressing for mankind to reconsider many life constants and proceed to urgent, concrete practical deeds to prevent imminent danger. Mankind is to understand that we cannot proceed in such a way, that ununited nations in their uncontrolled pursuit to confirm and defend their profit, their selfish, unharmonizable with the Common Good interests, will inevitably devote the world to destruction.
It is becoming more and more evident that we need breakthrough, more perfect and effective mechanisms of the world community, new systems of upbringing and education, focused first of all on the spiritual nature of a man. According to creation of such mechanisms and systems new opportunities will be opened up in front of a man, allowing him to resist the many faces of dangers and move forward rapidly towards them, turning harm into benefit.
It is time to change over from correct, clear, mobilizing words to real, concrete actions in order to implement all the Forum has planned, to unity through cooperation and culture, through understanding the leading role of Spiritual Culture in spiritual and creative transformation of human consciousness.
We invite all people, who are not indifferent to the universal values of Spiritual Culture to cooperate, because we all have one Planet and common future. With all the national, political, religious, material and other differences, we are people and present one Earth civilization. We are human beings and having the threat of global disasters in front of us whether they are natural, technological, military, or any other – these differences fade and pale in significance. The question is how to save a man, a global human community.
We must preserve human civilization with all richness and diversity of cultures and traditions it has, and pass it to our descendants. We must build bridges between the hearts of people, nations and countries; we must look for new ways to do this. Everyone needs to look into his or her soul and be honest to answer: Why do I live? What values do I promote? What mark do I want to leave on Earth?
We have joined our forces and thoughts to be heard, to get our hopes and aspirations across to the millions of people all over the world. There are many of us and our voice will sound like a Great Bell.
The Second Forum, which will be held in Astana in 2013, will be built on this basis. We have the chance of a lifetime, so let’s use it for the sake of celebration of spirit and human dignity.