October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".



We, the participants of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture from 72 countries, met in Astana, Kazakhstan, October 18-20, 2010, and discussed pressing issues of our time: how to overcome the spiritual and moral crisis that is destroying the man and humanity; how to realize the ideals of friendship, tolerance, and cooperation in the everyday life of individuals, peoples and nations; and, how to ensure, for this and future generations, sustainable healthy development.

Humanity, in this modern era, is in urgent need of improving the planetary environment for the benefit of all people. Global natural cataclysms and social upheavals, violence and conflicts are disturbing people on all continents, forcing us all to reflect. In addition to such environmental factors, the world is now being shaken by an economic crisis as well as geopolitical and interreligious conflicts. But a greater danger is in the destruction of the traditional institutions of life which embody our spiritual and moral heritage.
We believe that the spiritual and moral improvement of the world is our common task for both today and for the future. We welcome and encourage international, public and private initiatives for Peace and person that promote the establishment of global harmony and solidarity amongst cultures and nations.
We assert the priority of Spiritual Culture, which will lead to peace and progress throughout the World, make a positive contribution of spiritual devotees to transformation of human thought.
We call everybody to mobilize inner powers and physical abilities for restoration of harmonious relations amongst people, person, Space and Nature, states, world community and peoples, person and Superior World.
We direct the world’s attention to the vital necessity of overcoming the current spiritual and moral crisis by bringing a spiritual and moral renaissance into human consciousness. We believe that such an awakening of humanity can save the world from destruction.
Understanding this simple truth, we recall the tenets of Spiritual Culture:
1. Love – the only sign of common Good in human life. Spiritual harmony, reciprocity and tolerance are the manifestations of Love, the only moral Law for person and the Universe. Spiritual Culture is guided by this Law, defining him as the life-asserting basis of Existence. Preservation of the world, as well as its salvation cannot be accomplished without the energy of Love. All living things bloom in it getting their endless existence. All the beautiful is actually born in Love.
2. Virtue – a life in harmony with the entire world. In this principle lies the wisdom of human existence. All the prophets and Teachers of Humanity spoke of virtue, emphasizing the main principle of Light: to bring good to all the living and sensible.
“That is happy and reasonable who has preserved and developed his virtue” – Buddha.
“The highest virtue is like water. Without fighting, it benefits all beings” – Lao Tzu.
“Show the virtue in your faith, and the reasonableness in the virtue” – Jesus Christ.
“He who has turned his face to Allah and does good, has caught a solid foundation” – Muhammad.
“There are lower states of existence enclosed in passion and ignorance, there is a higher state of existence contained in virtue” – Krishna.
3. Creation – the sign of Divine Will. When we operate in full harmony with creation we obtain salvation and order reigns. A lack of true creativity in harmony with nature is causing our current planetary situation to become tense. Devastating disasters, dead lakes, burning forests, desertification are all ominous warnings. They are the result of the egocentric thinking of most of mankind, whose thoughts and actions cause such adverse circumstances.
Creativity is an affirmation of the existence of intelligence and the implementation of the Divine Will in our collective efforts.
4. Evolution – the regular manner in which all forms of life improve.  Evolution is a non-violent example of the manner in which we can pursue the needed spiritual well being of humanity. Any violence against individuals, the human community, nature, biological life is a crime against the foundations of divine morality. It is a crime against common sense! The way of non-violence brings the gradual enlightenment of human consciousness. It inspires an informed sense of responsibility for all life and generates an internal birth that uplifts us from materialism to spiritual awakening.
5. Spiritual enlightenment – a guarantee for the future of the world. We should give priority to educating generations to come on the means of Spiritual Culture. People with a developed sense of reverence for life are a benefit to any government for they are the best of and most reasonable of citizens and form the foundation for a healthy society. Consciousness, based on an active sense of conscience, always strives towards the light. Such people become the light carriers who follow the path of truth, goodness, beauty and love. They turn away from evil and direct their consciousness toward the harmony of life, the preservation of peace, and the advancement and growth of spiritual values and human dignity.
6. Benefit to the world – the selfless heroism of a pure heart. It is a basic right to live in a harmonious society. Its implementation is a given for every inhabitant of the planet. By improving the world, we allow our children to live and develop in a positive fashion. Seeking to be of benefit to the world, by living and advancing peace is a task for any sensible person.
7. Unity – spiritual fellowship and affirmation of the rights and dignity of all the peoples of the world. All people on earth want to live in peace. They share common values of life: family, children, home, friendship, happiness, safety, health, welfare and justice. Love, truth, and beauty - bring us together without regard to our race, nation, religion, or social group. At all times, these values are the highest guidelines of human life.
8. Justice – serving the truth. A sense of justice is inherent in our humanity and required for living in community. Violations of human rights and freedoms and threats to security and prosperity are symbols of the crumbling old world. Justice asserts the higher laws of life common to all peoples and nations. Only in a just and humane society can people fell a full-fledged being of God’s creation.
9. Universal brotherhood – the planetary Community of people. Our planet is unique in its natural resources and possibilities of biological life. All of us are her owners with equal rights. In conscious cooperation with the forces of Light, we strive toward the higher calling of the Human: to serve God by serving to save the world and enhance its natural wealth bestowed from above. We are the children of one Creator and were called Humanity, the definition common for all of us.
10. Culture of the spirit of peoples – the cornerstone of Civilization. Love for God and His Creation is the power of life. The modern civilization went through material development and technical progress without understanding or implementing the evolutionarily creative power of thought found within the Spiritual Light of consciousness. Peoples of the world have always articulated ideas of life, and have been the bearers of Light. We are returning on the new turn of development to the true origins of life, the Culture of the spirit.
Thus, we will:
- everyday assert the main value of human life – love for all the living and sensible;
- live with the awareness that with thought, spirit, and actions we can change the world for the better;
- develop the qualities of a bright, conscience person, qualities of a sensible person, of the Man-creator;
- generously give people joy and mercy;
- respect the laws of Existence, accept the life in its unity, completeness and variety;
- strive for harmony with the entire world around us;
- appreciate what was bestowed from above, keep the faith in the power of Light, Wisdom and Virtue.
We, the participants of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, call all the People of Earth to unite our efforts for the accomplishment of the great task of human existence in accordance with the spiritual ideals of Truth, Goodness, Beauty and Love!
“A person has no higher mission, - said Confucius, - than to truly realize himself as a man and become the creator of Culture – the only reality completely created by humans”.