Dear members of the Presidium of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture! International Association "Peace through Culture" invites you to the online conference "Spiritual harmony - the basis of peace", dedicated to the Day of Spiritual Accord and the 10th anniversary of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture.


Jens Stachura – Germany Vice President, Pax Universalis Austria

WFSC Organizing Committee Meeting in Astana Oct. 17 and 18th, 2014 Building PEACE Structures From Crises Politics to PEACE Politics

Contrary to all hopes and expectations we are confronted with enormous crises and trouble spots on a worldwide basis, increasing every day – accompanied by an exploding extremism – putting many single countries in an overstrained and helpless situation. All efforts of the past to control such development have ended in more disastrous structures than before. WHY? Because the main problem was not recognized. Crises develop where unnatural conditions prevail and must be seen as a distinct sign making obvious a wrong direction – if ignored, collapse and chaos will follow shortly.
The human being itself can endure grievances to a certain extreme, but if no improvement is reached after some time, his attitude will be all the more aggressive.
We all have to cope with quite a heritage from the past, with the amount of errors and mistakes accumulated so far. Many values were lost and a lot of targets have not been reached, first of all those targets that would have turned our life within the greater community into conditions worth living for. This fact, however, does not give us any right to withdraw from the obligation of taking clear position in front of obvious mistakes and injustice etc.
Injustice, violence, discrimination, oppression, lack of prospects and freedom are in complete contradiction to the natural law, applicable for everything and most of all for the human being. The global challenges mankind is facing today, for the first time in history are truly unique and no previous generation was confronted with this kind of scenario. We have to admit that we find ourselves on the threshold of mankind’s and the planet’s future, rise or fall – this decision is in our own hands. There is a number of states already who have hesitated for too long with the process of rethinking for too long so that they had to suffer from disintegration and from a collapsing process already. The suicidal and completely unnatural capitalism with its sick financial system, mostly supported by Western nations, may stumble within the near future and even increase the danger of confrontations.
All those states and unions still capable of acting, do have the chance of changing their thinking direction, to choose new ways in accordance with natural laws! The human individual needs hope, confidence, the possibility of development and perfection, man is in need of social PEACE and of orderly conditions around him, on the basis of ethical principles. No other perspective is sustainable in the long run! Consequently, each country or nation faces the challenge to establish ethical PEACE structures immediately – both domestically and in their foreign relations. There is no option any more for any further delay!
It is true that some states, unions and military alliances still fall back in obsolete aggressive reflexes of yesterday – however, there is no more time left for any such archaic methods of thinking and acting.
Nations and unions still looking for conquest and destabilization of ethnic unions and states through wars, escalating conditions and undercover operations for their own benefit, are experiencing more and more rejection and exclusion by the International Community. It seems that the global understanding is in the process of discarding negative structures of the past – a process which is clearly reflected in the numerous uprisings we can observe worldwide.  
We all are aware that only cooperation and communion as a peaceful fundament among all parties concerned are the primary principles for the type of politics securing stable option for our common future. Diverse peoples and ethnics are developing their own structures towards peace, since PEACE is derived from positive social causes and resulting performance. A true PEACE COMMITMENT in conjunction with active PEACE REALIZATION will, therefore, open the doors for a cultural, political and economic cooperation which is so vital in a globalized world?
It is an indisputable, but also indispensable obligation for all political decision makers on our globe to aim for PEACE within their country and with the same effort in foreign affairs. How can this target be reached? The answer is: by consequently following PEACE LOGICS. Peace, we all agree, is reached over several steps – depending on the initial situation and the conditions around. Each step forward requires courage – especially a drastic change in thinking is required. In this conjunction we always have to adhere to the superior principles of life summarized under the term ETHICS, since such basis is best suited to avoid severe mistakes and will lead to success finally.
What is one of the next important steps in the sense of PEACE LOGICS and ETHICS? The building of PEACE structures certainly includes several single elements in local, regional, state levels and beyond. Several nations have declared single communities or cities to become peace cities within a community decision and from this status, national and international methods of cooperation are developed. Continuing this path, states formed PEACE ZONES – such as the 33 states of Latin America did in forming the CELAC group. Apart from this branch, quite a number of countries have started University Chairs for PEACE in order to be prepared for the present and future challenges with deeper knowledge and on scientific grounds. And there are many more peace initiatives globally and their number is growing rapidly.
Foundation of PEACE COUNCILS
The significance of the topic PEACE is growing daily and cannot be avoided by anyone in view of the current hotspots in Northern Africa, the Near East and in our own neighbourhood: Ukraine. Everywhere we can judge what will happen if the distinct signs of time are not understood. Therefore, the PEACE SUBJECT cannot remain on the level of good will people only – it must immediately become the number ONE topic on the highest political level and has to remain there! How can this be achieved without further delay? We strongly advocate the establishing of PEACE COUNCILS or ETHICAL COUNCILS for this purpose!
PEACE COUNCILS must, of course, have a voice adding to the parliament, but even more they must have the right of co-decision. This means that all of the far-reaching political decisions, for example, with respect to the future of an ethnic minority, or of a country or a group of states, have to be evaluated with a close look to make sure these decisions are in line with peace principles and ethical principles and only if this evaluation comes out with a positive result by the PEACE COUNCIL, the decision should be released.
PEACE COUNCILS within a single country will function to focus internal and foreign practicable PEACE structures. With respect to larger regions, Unions such as the EU, BRICS group, Shanghai Cooperation Organization or others should be established as soon as possible.
PEACE COUNCILS beyond the single state organizations, of course, bear greater responsibility even, since their decisions will have far reaching effects and consequences for greater numbers of different ethnics involved. Just mentioning the BRICS group and the SCO we already talk about billions of people! Imagining this enormous dimension, it becomes very clear that the great target for the future must be to establish an ETHICAL WORLD PEACE COUNCIL! Such a foundation will, for the first time in mankind’s history, create the very basics for the future achievement of WORLD PEACE.
The role of Kazakhstan
Any large concept has to start with numerous single steps and must be accompanied by courage and endurance. Kazakhstan being the focus of ASIA and being part of most important Eurasian state unions of global significance certainly provides for the potential of an international, intercultural and inter-ethnic mediating and at the same time pioneer role. The best example is the Kazakh foundation of the PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY which was the first significant step in the right direction. In view of the fact that many more states are confronted with the awakening of their citizens, this unique Kazakh solution must be evaluated again from a different perspective. Whereas conventional political methods restricted to national boundaries only, can hardly meet the trend of this awakening process, the active integration of the people in such a Council like the Assembly is the wisest of all options.
Since Kazakhstan is continuing its successful path with these wise tools and will certainly develop to become a POWER of PEACE beyond its own borders, receiving confidence not only from the Kazakh population, but also from abroad – it might be even appropriate to widen this most striking concept of the People’s Assembly to form the first Kazakh PEACE COUNCIL cooperating with the Parliament to serve the balance even more. The domestic task should be to secure the internal peace socially on all levels, whereas the foreign frame of activities would be most fruitful and decisive for future-based PEACE STRUCTURES introduced first of all with the Eurasian Unions.
The unique historical step would be to form a PEACE COUNCIL or ETHICAL COUNCIL within these Unions and state groups such as the BRICS or SCO so that all of the future political decisions would go through this COUNCIL. Kazakhstan’s pioneering role and magnetism in such a venture seems to be in the air, since the potential available here is obvious! The role of cultural leadership will find its recognition through this very consequence.
At the same time, the very near future requires decisions regarding politically neutral, independent administration centers for the growing communities within the BRICS and Shanghai Organizations. Power centers such as Bejing, Moscow or New Delhi are maybe not so much suited for this purpose due to strong national interests implied in this respect.
Therefore, Kazakhstan with its unique location in Central Asia or better: EURASIA and the historically rather unburdened past can really represent a trustworthy Power of PEACE, based on confidence, respect and appreciation – born from neutrality, intercultural open-mindedness and peace structures practiced and proven here on the spot. It seems that Astana, on the basis of the preparations performed here in the past and due to its intercultural character, could be best suited for this chance to become a global intercultural center – where tradition and future meet and can be merged.
As in Kazakhstan’s past, wise political decisions will give the impact for pioneering developments in the future so that an abundance of positive possibilities will result from this step.
Being in the focus of the Eurasian field of tension, Kazakhstan and Astana could develop a globally significant function for the first time in history – to become the future WORLD PEACE METROPOLIS.
A 2nd WORLD FORUM of SPIRITUAL CULTURE as discussed in this meeting – supported by practiced PEACE POLICY – could form the ideal basis for such a future development.
No question, Great Powers such as the United States of America, the Russian Federation, China and India or others who claim a globally leading role or who are already holding such a position owing to their overall performance, are welcome to cooperate actively within this great Project of PEACE and even more in a common Project of WORLD PEACE.
We could identify the term FUTURE with “WORLD PEACE”
– However, without WORLD PEACE, there will be no future!
* * *