Dear members of the Presidium of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture! International Association "Peace through Culture" invites you to the online conference "Spiritual harmony - the basis of peace", dedicated to the Day of Spiritual Accord and the 10th anniversary of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture.


Report by Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli

Inspirational words in preparation for the meeting of the International Organizing Committee Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan October 17-19, 2014

Inspirational words in preparation for the meeting
of the International Organizing Committee
Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan
October 17-19, 2014
Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli
Evolutant and Entrepreneur, Founding President, WSF World Spirit Forum, Switzerland
The world needs spiritually and consciously evolved leaders in all fields: in economics, politics, science, and society. Especially the next generation of young leaders should be encouraged to get involved. So we need to invite the youth of this world to join us in this important dialogue for the sake of their own future.
22 years ago the First World Congress of Spiritual Culture was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, on 18th October 1992, with participants from all continents. 2010, the 1st WFSC World Forum for Spiritual Culture took place in Astana, Kazakhstan, with 700 participants from 72 countries. Many other important initiatives and conferences have their origin and home in Kazakhstan - a nation with more then 130 different nationalities and ethnic groups.
The delegates from the IOC International Organizing Committee, together with other participants will meet with Senator Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov, President of the International Association "Peace Through Culture", Co-Chair of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, in the palace of peace and accord to lay down the plan and program for the 2nd World Forum for Spiritual Culture in 2015 in Astana.
Let’s imagine that thousands of participants from all fields will meet in 2015 and that the world will take part in it. Given the capabilities of today’s media this is by all means possible. 
Let’s imagine that we are able to organize not only a conference or forum, but a movement that has worldwide influence for the change of consciousness. Let’s imagine that it leads to negotiations in all fields, and that politicians, scientists, religious, cultural and spiritual leaders, the society as a whole, economists, and artists, meet at our conference for a deep dialogue and after which they return to their working place, nurtured and fulfilled, introducing the spirit of the forum to the people around them.
The whole world can participate at the forum through social media and internet and follow the daily conversations. Let’s imagine that we can create a meditation during the conference, whereby millions of people worldwide form a noospheric field of consciousness so strong that the change of consciousness will take place to a world of peace and accord. Let’s imagine that the people of this world together with the leaders of this world jointly work on a peaceful and harmonious plan to achieve long lasting harmony among people and nations. Let’s imagine that through this initiative, in cooperation with all other initiatives worldwide, we are all together capable of eradicating hunger, poverty and ecocide and bringing instead fullness and 
happiness to all creation on this planet. 
We, the delegates of the IOC will, during our gathering in Astana, work on a format of open space to form a program, which makes it possible that the above mentioned dream can become a reality. With the support of all members of society we have all the members andmeans available to achieve this goal. Among others, the cultural world and social choreography will play a great role in this endeavor. The world needs citizens, who courageously follow the course of changing their own consciousness on the way to peace and accord for all.
The WFSC World Forum of Spiritual Culture will lay the foundation to a dialogue among all people, nurturing the immense hunger for stability, harmony and peace in the world, to reestablish the balance the biosphere needs for the benefit of all creation on this planet.
The participants of the 1st WFSC have prepared in 2010 a declaration, which contains the important points of Love, Virtue, Creation, Evolution, Spiritual Enlightenment, Benefit to the World, Unity, Justice, Universal Brotherhood, Culture of the spirit of peoples... and together with many other papers it has the potential to be a written inspirational document for the needed change, once we, everyone of us, understands that he is self-responsible for the change he wants to see in this world, and nobody else, just him.
We, the delegates of the IOC shall begin to prepare a big festivity for our planet, to start collectively already now and then especially reaching out and transmitting the vibrations emanating from the 2nd WFSC World Forum of Spiritual Culture in 2015 in the Capital of Kazahkstan, Astana.
Lets dream, let’s do, let’s be involved, let’s be the change inside ourself to be able to change the way of our relationships with our brothers and sisters.
Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli