October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".


Report by Susana Roberts (Argentina) - Vice-Director of the IFLAC (International Forum of Literature & Culture), member of the Global Harmony Association.

Spirituality ,harmonization , the artistic consiousness Actually during this time of “evolution” within the natural law of the universe, inside the matter, we see human beings in estate of involution. Today is an urgent time to  assume the status to grow spiritually and mentally harmonized, we need to create a field of prolific interrelation of positive knowledges, a way to preserve life on earth,in this way project the consciousness outside and stop the new barbarian self  ,whose  existence becomes an empty for-nothing- looking to be lost in the herd, in the mass, as Heidegger said, the man who lives, goes, laugh, dance, does that everyone else does. Development of life depends of inner impulse and the impact  of outside , the inner impulse for this progresive motion is caused by  self perfection , is the base of life as the part of the cosmic energy , part of all elements .

For  creators the spiritual being is the core of the being surrounded for many layers moving between the consiousness and the inconscience , in the origen the spiritual human being is always inconscious, is imposible be self observed , we can not reflects  everything in depths as ancients Vedas said : "That which makes us see, can not be seen, what makes us hear, can not be heard, that which makes us think, can not be thought." When awareness reaches depths unconscious is where you get the best and true answer, is where decisions are more important. Only consciousness is able to set  the "eternal", given that consciousness lives and feeds on triggers, including intuition, we might think activation does not occur nor it triggers jointly, it is  individual, living under one's own consciousness means live in a higher level on a personal level taking into account the concritud of each situation. But not only love and moral consciousness are rooted in the depths irrational, emotional and intuitive of the spiritual unconscious but also in giving to call "artistic  consciousness."

The artist depends on the sources and the resources that derive from their spiritual unconscious, irrational intuition of the consciousness would be parallel to the inspiration of the artist unable to be revealed at all .

The human existence is impossible to deduce  as a phenomenon, we can only guide us to talk about it, but it is impossible to reflect it in its entirety, Federich Von Schiller  said: "From the moment you start speaking the soul is no longer the soul who speaks, from the time that  being  reflect on themselves, is not the  real self which is displayed

If awareness is to be responsible and we wonder about our existence from the bottom, from the core of our spiritual being that undermines the question what is the ultimate goal, as emphasized by Albert Einstein and the philosopher Wittgenstein to say that is believing in God as the ultimate goal, I reserve the knowledge of the divine depth of being and love as the end to what were called creators , but always in consciousness when the horizontal sweep of questions we will use the intelligence of the spirit guide of words, Platon said: can contemplate the colorless and impalpable essence, around the heart is the abode of perfect essence which  embrace all truth.

For this reason the  need to raise consciousness as the only road to the unconscious, place where soul lives in gentle nature and is able to light thoughts  and turn a desert into a garden in this modern society away from all moral and ethical sense leaving the human beings in the blossom of consumerism and violence. 

When artists use our spiritual awareness and create with words, the sense of harmony, when we transmit idealism of peace, we are encouraging others to awaken their consciousness as Pablo Casals said: everyone has decency and goodness in themselves. If people listen and act accordingly,   are doing what the world needs most. It is not very complicated, but it takes courage. We must take courage to listen and act accordingly. When reconcile words of peace and harmony through culture and literature,  we are creating within diversity  necessary  principles  that harmony requires, add tolerance to build bridges of words in different languages that bring countries, nations, for men do not reserve  the finest human quality for war , to arrive peace requieres idealism and self sacrific and dynamic faith.

Since childhood we know that religion is the spiritual foundation of our being, from there proceed all the good , and our actions in consecuence..¿What did  happen then with religions and people along the history  became a person leagued culturally, politically and in relationships where the "spirit" had an attitude toward the shed functional and economic?

¿What can we do for this  necessary  big transformation, transformation of consiousness, a great transformation must take place within in heart and mind of  the humanity. 

Currently, humans raises a temporal existence stripped of prejudice and values live today with increased rampant alcoholism, drugs and poverty and without major future plans, It is needed to open horizons to a new awareness of moral restraint and social gathering with  new changes and structural progress, it means to dignify men in his evolutionary ladder and slowly achieving a balance of peaceful coexistence to banish the arms race and inequality ,where ,everyone from their places contributes to the achievement of strengthening ties within a society increasingly informed, awakening to the   philosophic necessary observation of human understanding  to create sources of life to feed the planet and, at the end of this century others may say we have taken  positive steps as people of integrity within the universal laws that the divine will has given to us where culture and civilization shake hands and creativity  help the world mind to find its  civilized essence, because without a change , the collapse of civilization will come undoubtly where neither religion nor atrocities  could lead the actual economic men to the direction of harmony  to be balanced in all aspects and have to be contained  within a growing society.

While in this communication the integration of a specific language is not easy after reading, writing and listening a language , we add the interpretation of the creativity  in the poetic art  that offer us a rich undeniable with a proper sonority   it be joining the recipient of  cultural identity  that expand  knowledges as direct bridges of understanding, transfer and acceptance of human diversity on the planet.It is important to protect the spiritual aspect of the culture.

 At the time to speak of foreign languages in important  to understand the historical and cultural burden that are fixed in folks expressions without any traslations and there are some stereotypes, unrepeatable markers that make the culture of people.

Consciously, I think in the use of verbs, the voice of any expression,  poetry in a foreign language and multicultural view helps us to join together, I agree with the other in full consciousness of itself to reassess one's identity at the same time all know and appreciate the foreign culture. The media, cultural institutions spread art everywhere, each language, irrespective helps the spiritual path so necessary to combat racism, ethnocentrism, perversion and death. Literature plays an important educational role in our mission to create healthy families.

IFLAC-International Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace founded by Dr Ada Aharoni with some branches in several countries and Global Harmony Association Dr Leo Semashko  has its foundations in the harmony and the transition from an industrial society to a society in harmony in the four spheres of the society , with children as priority.. Harmonization is a conscious process of an equilibration of spheres and spheres components, achievement of their optimun measure and coordination , harmonious education will ensure youth and new generations with new technologies for conscious  harmonization  all levels from individuals and families. Harmony is global because language of harmony is global language of cultura, peace and harmonious education for the entire planet ,this dream of education in harmony requiere a lot of time, energy and expenses of many resources . Holders of harmonious  education differs in the following qualities : they have an universal harmonius world view , a priority of harmonious, an adversion to violence and enemity , a desire for a harmonious way of life and harmonious development of the personality , a wish to share ownership of universal information , an ability for integral harmonious decisions , a want for free orientation  in any social situation and institution , a skill for any harmonious thinking, a respect for social responsability, an aspiration to harmonious cooperation and partnership, a readiness to engage in an harmonious business activity and hability for harmonization in any sphere.( in the Project World Peace Academy-GHA). The harmonious thinking is much more adequate , true,  and more effective than an industrial thinking cited in Harmonious Civilization and all the Project that contain ABC book of harmony in the way to change this actual crisis from industrial society to a society of harmony.

Writers are an important part of this enlightment  given form and transformation that give sense to life in times where world societies are emerging  very successful in technology sinks into its protagonists: citizens, consumers, savers, workers, the unemployed, single, married, a situation growing uneasiness, an overwhelming lack of transcendent foundations. Hölderin said: in the place where burn, there where hurt, just there is the way of the salvation.

Literature for Peace is necessary to be implement to any corner of the world as a need to improve the planetary environment for benefit of People, and children start  learning other language, the language of soul ,a peaceful one , They will be who govern in the future, in universal brotherhood. It  is our duty to give them tools for education in the spiritual culture. I believe that Creation  is a mean that communicate, teach and give reflection to people in the way to take conscious of the actual crisis and the awakeness for  changing as a possibility to save the world from destruction.

Message:Try that your great mission on focusing on Peace and consciously creating Peace starting with ourselves is the way begins in our inner state and ability to have inside .Creating a new models of thinking based on positive aspect of life and  the awakening  inner potential of every human being more models of coordinated actions for awakening peace from inside in everyone. To  stop wars we have not fight only with words,  but transform this energy of ignorance and lack of love into creative energy of transforming the planet from an old type of civilization based on competition and consumption to a new one based on cooperation and inner awakening as eternal creators,respect, justice and goodwill.

My soul is in America and in every corner of the planet where people is suffering, safeguard Peace is my mission.