October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".


Report Cecilia Ines Garcia

Cecilia Ines Garcia, Argentine PtC-Europe: Leader of international Youth-Department Liberty – Equality – Fraternity Liberty Liberty or freedom defines the unlimited possibility to think, talk and act freely. This statement has nothing to do with any narcissistic and individualistic self-realization attempts. It is even the full contrast. The demand for freedom is ethically justified – however, with a certain reservation that thoughts and actions must be directed not only upon the personal, but, primarily, upon the welfare of the general public. Therefore, the advantage must always be given to that action which is useful to a bigger circle, which means two or more persons or the general public. Liberty is a component of natural law and must be granted in the greatest possible measure. It may find a certain restriction only if the higher standing rights of the community are impaired or endangered. Provided an idea or an object serves mainly the community and the general welfare, it must be able to develop and must be supported accordingly.

In relation to our thinking and activities we have an absolute freedom of choice, however, according to the law of cause and effect we have to take over the responsibility for our thoughts and actions and thereby our freedom of will is limited and only relative. Every individual has only one freedom: namely to choose his way. However, his destiny depends on how he uses this freedom. In addition to the possibility to choose his way freely, the citizen still has a small number of freedoms granted by the human laws. Unfortunately, the number of these smaller freedoms is quite limited. Our century of progress still conceals many artificial kinds of slavery.
The heaviest slave chains are created by man himself. There are different steps and kinds of the spiritual slavery and dependency; the reason for these is to be found in the human ignorance. Human ignorance is, we all know, the biggest evil of humanity which ist he hardest to eliminate. In addition, every person is more or less slave of his own passions and wishes, of his superstition and his prejudice, his aberrations and mistakes.
A community can prosper only if it grants maximum freedom of development to the individual. Compulsion and force are bad educators and can only be applied where reason fails completely. For the support of public welfare and of true progress the greatest possible freedom of development must be granted to sciences. The support of science is of utmost importance, since it serves, above all, evolution. Support of a biotechnical science and all other scientific branches serving life and the evolution must come first, because these achievements are of benefit for the whole of humanity. The investigation of death rays or other destructive weapons and exterminators must be rejected and forbidden basically.
Great support must be rendered also to true Art, since art elevates the person and inspires him to gain higher achievements.
The youth needs a special extent of support. It is a matter of course that education is no prerogative of the thicker wallet, but a right entitled to every person without exception and at the expense of the community. This is why the state has to provide free of charge qualification to the youth.
Equality, therefore, must be understood in the sense of equal rights, because there is no equality of the rights and duties, of property and position, because the evolution of life is not based on equality, but on difference and diversity. All people have the same starting point and are equal in this sense. Also the human laws must recognise these natural equal rights and grant the greatest possible social development in the greatest possible freedom to every person. However, the difference of the progress in human evolution generates a complete inequality in all areas of life. This is why the people are equal and at the same time unequal. The conditions given to them are the same, their achievements, however, incomparable. They are also unequal in their achievements towards the state and the community; therefore, it is only fair that a different remuneration and a different social position are the result.
Every citizen of a country must be equal in front of the laws applied there, namely in the sense of the same possibility of development. His social position is determined by his abilities and by his achievement. Every citizen of a state must have the possibility to reach to the highest offices in state without any legal impediment.
Rights arise from the duties of a person; they are the product of one single absolute right, namely of the right of service. But because the functions of Serving are different and mixed on the hierarchical ladder, rights can only vary and must, therefore, be unequal.
People are truly equal in one more way, namely in their relation to the deity. From this equality the equality of the common task for perfection arises. The principle of equality is not expressed in selfish wishes, but in the awareness that nobody is worse than myself and thus deserves the same duties and honour as I which again is determined by abilities and achievements.
Within humanity even today a kind of wolf psychology is predominant, Man is a wolf to man. Every effort must be taken to make an end to this state of mind and to produce fraternity relations instead. It is extremely difficult to educate the people in the sense of unity, collaboration and brotherly love.
The best preliminary stage to fraternity is the education towards life within a community. People understand cooperation must better than fraternity.
Therefore, the idea of a universal world peace community has to be expressed with reinforced intensity in the world, because it offers the only guarantee for the solution of the world problems on a peaceful and fair basis.
We must extend our political horizon and must not think in small, national units, but in one unique world space.
Eventually when all people are united in one sovereign world community, wars could be avoided for good. One single community cannot lead war with itself, because it is beyond all wishes for the extension of power and all other causes leading to war. The poet laureate Dante Alighieri, the real father of the world community idea, recognised this basic truth, already around 1300 A.C. In such a community, there will be no more citizens or stateless persons, but only world citizens.
Let us become one single community of equal brothers and sisters. Let us form one single earth state. The whole earth must form one single Empire and a united human gender. Climate and culture (tradition) will mark differences which are justified, but will, nevertheless, improve the harmony; all other distinguishing contrasts have to be eliminated.