October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".


Report Erich Fankhauser

Erich Fankhauser, Switzerland President PtC-Switzerland ETHICS versus moral – basis for a spiritual culture While MORAL is a time-related reflection – a structure characterised by certain institutions such as churches, religious communities or similar, which changes appearance with the mentality and may completely differ from country to country – ETHICS is the objective, scientifically based level beyond. To create a widespread common harmony, there has to be an extensive ethically based comprehension of wisdom and action. Ethics versus moral – Ethics, the most essential socially based science    

ETHICS is the science of the moral and religious principles on which all the desire and acting of mankind should be focused. This calls for everybody, to assume responsibility for the own thinking and doing. Ethics is to be understood as the science of religion, philosophy and of practical life; as the decisive factor of human actions toward all forms of life and communities. As such, it is the most essential SCIENCE of HUMAN SOCIETY, according to the teachings by Plato, Confucius, Buddha and others.
The science of Ethics – practiced in life – includes all topics and discusses every possible improvement. Whereas ethical laws originate from the Cosmos, respectively from Nature, human beings of today establish their own laws on moral or even on intellectual structures, building borders and restrictions. As soon as mankind is ready to be familiar with the ETHICAL LAWS and makes use of those in their everyday life, the turn for a better world will be in reach.
Ethics – as a social science – has got an immense value and is extremely important for broadening the CONSCIOUSNESS. Since the ethical laws originate from the cosmos, they are valid for both, planet earth and mankind. On the other hand, moral depends on human factors only, on character and on ideologies or beliefs limited by time. Nowadays, there are excessive differences in the understanding of moral – from Christianity to Islam, from Buddhism to Judaism, from the so-called “believers” to the “non-believers”. As the criteria of moral easily lead to abuse of power, conflicts are already pre-programmed. Therefore, moral requires a constant, persistent scientifically based monitoring through the discipline of ethics, which is “superior” to moral. “Ethics as science objectifies moral”.

Heart based principles – a precondition for the salvation of the world    
All higher doctrines are dealing with the central principles of human being, with the higher values which are the spheres of thoughts and of the heart. Without ethical values practiced in everyday life, a well formed character and principles going along with heart-guidance, which means the “love for all and everything”, both mankind and planet earth cannot be saved. Combined efforts of both, male and female are indispensable for such a high target.
Everything depends on the progress of Human’s spiritual values, on the nature of his heart. – Spirituality is the only source leading to real improvement!!

The most important laws in a cosmic and worldly sense
Subsequently, the most important cosmic laws and the most significant ethically based principles which should determine all thinking, feeling and doing, are the following:     
- The cosmic law of CAUSE AND EFFECT or of CAUSALITY: This law defines that each cause is followed by a corresponding effect with the same quality and impact.
- The cosmic law of EVOLUTION: This law results from the law of causality. Since each cause is followed by a corresponding effect and produces new causes, again followed by corresponding effects, the result is the so-called CAUSAL-CHAIN, integrating the individual. Depending on the individual, the consequence may be EVOLUTION, provided that the individual acts in harmony with the requirements of the Cosmos. If the individual acts in disharmony with the requirements of the Cosmos, INVOLUTION, which means a step backwards, will be the result.
- The cosmic law of HIERARCHY: This law provides for the progressive linking, upwards to the centre, through the energy of all hearts, requiring the subordination and integration of the lower towards the Higher, in a hierarchically super-ordinate structure. It is particularly important for mankind to understand this structure, since this alone is the way to get guidance, protection, help and well being.
The following ETHICAL BASIC LAWS are essential for a mutual understanding of each other:
- The one who claims rights, also has to fulfil duties.
- Unselfishness goes before selfishness.
- Who was given the chance of education in his youth and a good upbringing, as a gift of the elders, is obliged to somehow compensate this benefit in later years.
- The adults, who have dedicated their lives to educate and bringing up the youth – often in reducing their own interests and possibilities – deserve gratefulness and respect.
As already mentioned before, the individual’s thinking, feeling and action must be determined by these most important basis laws for a mutual understanding and harmony. That's why it is so important to recognise and study these principles scientifically, to fully understand and make use of them on a practical basis.

A well based ETHICS is most significant for the New Social Order to survive
An ethical and scientific evaluation of all the actions and targets of a society (nation, country) is the basis for peace. The most important characteristic of future leaders is a perfect knowledge of the universal laws. The laws of a scientifically based ethics are decisive for mankind’s entire development. Mankind has to deal with those laws constantly. A Renewal of the world requires a wide-spread, spiritually based wisdom, which may cause miracles.
The ETHICAL LEVEL is the basis to construct a new spiritual, culturally structured world. A worldwide spiritual solidarity or concord of all mankind has to be the goal. Therefore, appropriate INNOVATIONS, relevant to the present time, have to be realized on an individual as well as a collective basis. This requires the loyalty of socio-politicians to those sciences such as law and justice, sociology and biology (health), the consequences of the worldviews and daily behaviour ¬– determined by the human character. This is the sphere of consciousness that leads to ETHICS, practiced in all daily situations – thus leading to HARMONY, to PEACE and finally to the BEAUTY OF LIFE.
For the future structure of society – based on SPIRITUAL CULTURE – a well established and consciously practiced ETHICS is essential for the survival of mankind...