October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".



KELLY G. RAMER, Youth Activist & Coordinator, Children of the Earth, USA It is proposed that 13.7 billion years ago our universe came in to being from nothing, in that unfathomable moment all that exists came to be. It is humbling to think that if the speed of the explosion was fractions slower or faster all of existence would have either exploded or collapsed onto its self. Yet it was perfect, and the vast majesty of our Universe with all of its mystery and wonder was born. Our dear Earth, a speck of a speck in that picture, also began to evolve into the magnificence known today. The mountains and seas formed over millions of years. Plants and animals of every possible design proliferated through the landscape, evolving and changing to bring us the infinitely complex spectrum of life that makes up our biosphere. This is our story, we literally are made of the same essence as the stars in the sky. Every thought, movement, and action we take in this world is inextricably linked to the Spiral of evolution that encompasses all of our universe.

Let us take a moment to breathe in to that miracle, feeling the expanse of the web of creation in which we exist. When we do this it is impossible not to connect our work on this Earth to the universal perspective, to the holistic journey of Evolution we are all a part of. Throughout the world young people are waking up to the power of thought, the power of connecting with the inner light, the power of connecting with the universal consciousness. This is the sacred evolutionary path that we all must embark on with full presence of heart, of mind, of soul.
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Creating space for youth to connect on this path is a large part of what we do with Children of the Earth.  We believe that we are all one, that all that exists in this universe exists in our own bodies; we need only to connect to our own inner light, thus aligning with the universal consciousness. Through this inner work we find the inspiration, love, and direction to connect our hearts greatest desires with the worlds’ greatest needs. Yet as we all know there are great challenges in this world that are obstacles on this path of the universal evolution of our consciousness. Poverty holds down the human spirit, making basic survival a struggle, and denying youth the human rights of health, education, and adequate housing. Environmental degradation threatens the existence of creatures and communities all over the world. War turns us against one another and destroys the security that we need to embark on the inner path. All of these stem from the diseased worldview that says we are separate from one another and the Earth rather than intricately connected to one another. That material possessions will bring us happiness and value rather than Love and Truth.  That we are defined by our social and economic status rather then our intrinsic worth as beings of the universal spiral of creation. We seek to realign the vision of our world. These challenges call us to not only help to unite and awaken the power of spirituality in Youth today, but take grounded and powerful actions to confront these issues and change our World for the better.