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Report Klaus-Dieter Buck

Klaus-Dieter Buck, Germany PTC Germany, Scientist: field of Astronomy-Astrology Spiritual Culture and Cosmic (scientific) Thinking The cosmological and hierarchical orientation of early high cultures Early high cultures were cosmologically and hierarchically orientated. They had contact to higher spheres, to dimensions of the highest and purest ideas. They naturally envisioned themselves as a part of the world, as a microcosm within macrocosm and felt embedded in the great universal, cosmic order. “The cultures of mankind were always related to higher moral or ethical principles that were believed to be divine”. This means that these principles or laws originate from a higher source which is greater than mankind, planet Earth and the cosmos. Depending on the ideology, this higher source is called “law of nature”, “creation” or “deity”.

In other words, these moral-ethical principles reflect the laws of the cosmos. By teaching these laws, peace, harmony, health, joy and wellbeing were guaranteed in the early cultures. All areas of life were characterised by moral-ethical standards; as a result, all cultures that conformed to the “cosmic will” prospered and became high cultures, such as the ancient India, China or Egypt. They lay the groundwork for cultures following after and they continue to have an effect up to the present day.
The geocentric or anthropocentric model
The geocentric model of the universe, its most famous proponents being Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) and Claudius Ptolemy (ca. 100 -175 A.D.), is based on the wrong and obsolete belief that the Earth – and even mankind – are the centre of the universe. Especially the Christian Church advocated this model. Due to this conception of the world the majority of mankind has lost its connection to the cosmic-universal order and thus the knowledge of the universal laws of nature has more and more disappeared.
Especially in Western countries, the majority of people still behave as if they were the centre of the universe. Many people believe that owing to the scientific progress they have absolute freedom of action and the right to behave as they like. The western world, which is mainly holding materialistic values, believes that everything is possible and that it is unproblematic to ignore the natural law or the cosmic-ethical order. The reason for this is that on the one hand, intellectual thinking is overdeveloped and on the other, listening to the voice of conscience, the voice of the heart, is neglected. Likewise there is no awareness for the need of strengthening one's own character, of molding oneself into a productive person within one's sphere of influence or of training one’s ethical discipline.
However, it is time to develop the long-lost ethical awareness and to establish it as a natural element of decision making processes. Ethics will have to be applied to all important sectors of society, to politics, economy and science.
The validity of the universal laws of nature
Regardless of whether people pay respect to the universal laws of nature or not, these laws are non-negotiable. By disregarding them in the past, a worldwide chaos has developed and the world seems to be exploding with all its problems.
In order to stop the worldwide chaos and to improve the devastating conditions so that peace, harmony, health, joy and well-being may be achieved by as many people as possible, ways of ‘re-integration’ of humanity into the cosmic order have to be found. People have to develop from a human being of civilization into one of culture. Therefore it is necessary to get to know the universal laws of nature, to accept and respect them.
Cause and effect – the universal law of nature
The most important universal law of nature is that of cause and effect. It is valid for the entire universe, from microcosm to macrocosm and from micro-vibration to the cosmos. Our whole life is subject to this law. It coerces us into taking on responsibility for our thinking, feeling and acting because according to this law a certain cause is followed by a certain effect. This means that positive thinking, feeling or acting will result in happiness, joy and harmony, whereas negative causes will be followed by negative consequences such as misfortune and disharmony.
According to the so-called ‘law of hierarchical order of all being’ it is an unalterable rule in the whole of the cosmos that the lower is always subordinate to the higher. Thus, the planets of the solar system are subordinate to the sun which is subordinate to the spiral nebula. Likewise, mankind must integrate into the hierarchical order.
The law of hierarchical order is not based on coercion but on higher knowledge, great experiences and abilities that entail a voluntary discipline. Every true religion or ethic is based on respect and devotion for the hierarchy of light.
The purpose of human life lies within an evolutionary, infinite development striving towards perfection. The law of evolution offers unlimited possibilities so that everyone can reach the next higher level of perfection through his own efforts.
In order to equate to the evolutionary mission it is necessary to raise one’s consciousness. Consciousness or awareness is the ability to observe and perceive our environment – being able to distinguish between several options. It leads from observation to knowledge.
At the same time, these efforts to increase the depth of knowledge and to broaden human consciousness must be accompanied by an increase in the willingness to ennoble the human character. One should constantly strive to overcome the inner weaknesses, bad habits or temptations, in order to transform them into strengths and more positive character traits.
Another very important condition for improving the living conditions on our planet is that people become aware of the ‘power and meaning of thoughts’. Everything starts with the thought, action only follows after. Therefore, it is important to be careful with one’s thoughts and to always keep them as pure as possible.
People should control their thoughts and actions very wisely. This higher form of reason is the same as intuition. It is located in the heart and people have to become aware of it.
Everything that is created in the form of noble, beautiful and true cultural values arises from intuition. The great artists, writers, thinkers, preachers and musicians were all inspired by this higher knowledge. Everything that leads to knowledge about the true nature of things, everything that arouses love, noble-mindedness, self-sacrifice, harmony, beauty and justice derives its origin from this higher knowledge or intuition which is the key to wisdom. Only if the heart is sensitive, people will experience joy, love, wisdom, inner beauty and harmony, and thereby become a being of culture.
The heart is the real leader of humanity. It is the only authority that is causing people to behave ethically and responsibly in face of global problems. Only the heart will enable people to connect with the higher spheres and to integrate themselves into the harmonious order of the cosmos.