October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".



NINA  MEYERHOF, USA Children of the Earth:a member supporting the Noosphere Constitution We are a not-for-profit, 501 © (3) United Nations NGO organization operating for over twenty years, dedicated to the building of a better future for all generations. To this end, COE offers Youth leadership programs globally, educational workshops, conferences, as well as presentations at national and international forums. Children of the Earth supports young people in actualizing their personal intention, becoming inspired to altruism, and weaving a web bridging all personal, cultural, national and religious divides. Our vision is that one by one, young people become spiritually awakened, socially responsible, and active peace builders. We are devoted to the evolution of Principles and Ethics that educate the youth of their Rights and Responsibilities focused on building character so each young person can experience their own personal potential and destiny and make a lifelong commitment to building a New Civilization for our Noosphere. Thus the Noosphere Spiritual Ethical Ecological Constitution is a finite representation of these goals.

Spirituality is key in transcending political, dogmatic, and religious boundaries.  Children of the Earth, is recognized as a world leader in education for ethical consciousness and interfaith unity.  We stand for how we live as a species of humankind on one Earth and in relation to the whole of the Universe.
One Earth….with all her Children smiling!
The intent of raising awareness that youth throughout this world are realizing and are being called forth to reveal that there is a global consciousness attempting to arise in the hearts and minds of humanity. This consciousness is what is being called the “spiritual revolution” or the evolution of humankind into full awareness. We are learning from science that we are interdependent and interconnected as one life. In the awareness of consciousness there is the possibility to finally learn this fact. We are learning to understand that peace can exist not only as a state of being but also be the manifestation as a way of creating peace in our world. It is in our unity that we will be able to accept our diversity and finally find means to live together here on Mother Earth.  
Our Guiding Principles as we work with young people globally
- Trust your intuition
- Demonstrate dignity and respect
- Communicate with honesty and clarity
- Assume the good intentions of others
- Support shared leadership
- Celebrate diversity
- Be inspired to take risks
- Allow decisions to emerge and embrace the process
- Understand the whole is greater than the parts
- Strive for actions based on selflessness and love
- Support sustainability both personally and environmentally
- Honor agreements and take ownership for outcomes
Hear the call for UNITY as a child of the ONE life.
Our Code of Ethics derived from the Indigenous Peoples of the world
These ethics are for us to live as just, compassionate, loving human beings. Ethical standards for human development come from this great sense of wonder that we are all members of this same human family connected in the web called spirit and sharing Earth.
LOVE.....for the form, voice, thoughts and spirit of each person
RESPECT....for differences
HONESTY....of our feelings, thoughts and behaviors to be transparent
TRUTH ....in feelings and thoughts
COURAGE…..to take a stand
HUMILITY......to reflect inner peace
WISDOM...... to be a seeker
The 21st century holds the greatest possibilities for an integrated peaceful and prosperous global community. Connected by telecommunications and a growing spirituality, humankind has a chance to actualize an evolutionary state of being. As we shift towards love, compassion and education, we will deploy resources for the common good, lifting up all people to a life of hope and security.
Today, science and spirituality are coming to the same conclusion that all people are intrinsically similar; the human genome project has proven that we are genetically 99.9 % alike with only 1 tenth of one percent that makes us different. Until we realize that I am you and you are me, only then will right action and thought be supported by the universal laws of nature. Until we can concentrate on what makes us the same instead of what makes us different, only then can we deal with the challenges ahead. It is imperative that we spend our time and resources on young people, supporting leadership and educational experiences that promote respectful communities, common ethics, sustainable practices, peace, and economic opportunities.
Our programs consist of Social Action Chapters and Spirit Youth Hubs. Our goal is to support and link young people as a global family of humankind for a conscious and flourishing future. Social Action Chapters are Youth humanitarian projects conceived as a result of an inner transformation. Spirit Youth Hubs are groups of youth who meet to focus on spiritual explorations and intentions. They will give their presentation with all the information and results of this work worldwide. We are in the process of finalizing our Handbook for schools and use throughout the world.
These youth from all corners of the world are recognizing and remembering that there is hope to live as a human family on our planet earth and beyond. Youth are tapping into their inner life and reuniting with their true spiritual nature and this reflection leads to a sincere ethical life. In this process of reaching within and experiencing one’s nature beyond self-esteem and basic needs and desires, one is able to find the place within that is that of uniqueness and solid character where personal identity connects to the universals of life. These universals are recognized and then bestowed upon each other as a given right and responsibility for a life of purposeful meaning. In the universal consciousness of space within and ultimate everywhere, there are no differences of color, race, culture or national intent. The universals are that we all want to love and be loved, to be free of need and desire, to be true and empowered, and to live a life of meaning.  
Spiritual education is not a method nor is it a curriculum bur it is a course of study for life-long living. Spiritual education is the education for human development that brings our consciousness into the forefront of our action so that we choose UNIVERSALITY over other needs.
Spirit protects us, guides us and let’s us know how we may learn to love each other as agape rather than attachment for dependency for an individual better life.
In the past, education imitated culture.  As global awareness and activity increases, the culture of the community becomes diffused.  New Culture must emerge as living within a common Universe for the survival of all species.
Education, from the Latin, means to draw forth—to bring out. This reaching that very inner core  that is in a state of “isness”. It knows within itself that life is sacred. It knows its self as full and complete.
Study life from the initial atom of the self  to our place in the human family, our place in our community, our place in time, our place in the world and even our place in our planetary universe—looking inward to go outward.
Universal Laws are ---all living things are alive and have spirit. Spirit is consciousness available to be tapped into. All of life is thus interconnected. Each action we take has infinite ripples in this web of life. Consciousness is being aware of this Law of One.  Love is this interconnection of all there. Love is the Law. Spirit connects. To Educate brings this forth.
Children of the Earth also wishes to establish a World Peace Institute.  The mission of the COE World Peace Institute is to support Humanity in creating a future that embodies the universal values of peace, tolerance, dignity, freedom, equality, and solidarity for all life.  The WPI will offer structured learning opportunities to young people that inspire, motivate and unite them to translate these universal values into global action and culturally appropriate projects in their own communities.  
In support of this mission, the WPI will establish and house eight programs:
1.Ethical Living Leadership Program
2.Educators and Youth for Social Change
3.Global Leadership Gathering
4.Virtual Telecommunications Center,
5.Publishing Spiritual Peacemaker Guidebooks
6.Internship Programs
7.The World Spirit Youth Council Program
8.Local Initiatives, Data and Research Center
Ethical Living Leadership Program: The purpose of the Ethical Living Leadership Program is to provide an intensive leadership training experience for young people to further their commitment to a better and more just world. They will focus on the universals of life such as common ethics, sustainable practices and multi-cultural and religious appreciation. Upon completion, program participants will take with them seeds of projects to further world unity.
Educators and Youth for Social Change:The Educator and Youth for Social Change Program will provide a one-week leadership intensive for educators who are paired with young people to establish a shared learning-living inter-generational experience designed to focus on spiritual and scientific understanding of our world.
Global Leadership Gathering: The Global Leadership Gathering will invite visionaries who represent organizations and networks to design collective actions in support of each other and future generations.
The Virtual Telecommunication Center: The Virtual Telecommunications Center will support the World Peace Institute utilizing the most modern technologies to enable global conversations and activities.
Publishing Spiritual Peacemaker Guidebooks: Spiritual Peacemaker Guidebooks will develop a set of training manuals to be used for youth training in other locations around the world
Internships: Internship placements will offer course credit for work performed within the offices and programs of the COE World Peace Institute and other related areas.
The World Spirit Youth Council: The WSYC provides Youth with an organizing form for linking the Youth spiritual movement. WSYC will be housed as a project within the COE World Peace Institute.
Local Initiatives Data and Resource Center: The purpose of the Institute is to compile data, keep records, generate reports, and assist the establishment of local chapters of Children of the Earth world-wide.
The intention of the COE World Peace Institute is to reach as many young people as possible through direct program contact and through programs that Institute participants -- young people and adults alike -- will support in their home communities.  Participation in COE World Peace Institute programs are not an end in itself.  It is a means to achieve continual outreach to other Youth and to provide them with opportunities to practice leadership for understanding the weave of living as a member of the earth’s inhabitants as well as a member of the greater forces of the entire universe.
In externalizing this realization of inner understanding, purpose, actions and projects are developed in our local, national, global, universe environments.  This quickening is a natural progression of furthering our capacity as homo sapiens to true conscious sapiens finally bridging life from the more mundane into a consciousness field of reality.
Youth are willing to examine new models and take time for carrying them out.
Youth will harness their power and drive new models into form.  
We must alter the course of history and build a New Civilization of Humankind. This is the role of youth. They can be brazen enough to execute the potential answers for our common destiny. The Noosphere Constitution is the framework for this great work.
Support youth in this great endeavor!
Our Recent Actions:
Social Action Chapters
Youth humanitarian projects conceived as a result of an inner transformation
Cameroon, Africa
8,000 homeless, orphaned or disabled children received psychosocial treatment.
Ghana, Africa
Established a youth association based on empowerment, health, environment and peace.
Israel, Asia
Organizes interfaith gatherings between 4,000+ Christians, Jews and Muslims for peace.
Nepal, Asia
1,100 children in 11 schools receive library books, furniture, music & sports equipment, toilet & water supply and 18 new classrooms. Successful Volunteer Program.
Nigeria, Africa
Makes water available in the state of Imo. Holds teacher-training workshops.
Pakistan, Asia
2 Chapters - 14,000 children impacted through the work our Chapter Leaders do with 20 teachers in 10 districts working to improve the quality of education.
Philippines, Asia
390 children receive school supplies and leadership training linked with community service. 30 scholarship grants issued to the poorest children in the region.
South Africa
Program cares for cancer patients, assists children with educational guidance and uses performing arts to enhance the message of hope, peace and prosperity.
South Asia
Developing a magazine showcasing peace building stories to inspire others to action.
Uganda, Africa
Over 100 beehives provided to women in Kitgum Village as an income source.
Vermont, United States
Bear Hugs for Haiti is youth to youth compassion via Teddy Bears with notes from these young people.
International Day of Peace at United Nations with 47 high school kids from Vermont.
Spirit Youth Hubs
Groups of youth who meet to focus on spiritual explorations and intentions
Toronto, Canada
Regular gatherings focused on different religions and positive community action.
Implements our Volunteer Program in Nepal with COE Chapter Leader.
Ghana, Africa
Six African countries meet to find ways to help avert the current Muslim/Christian crisis.
Apeadu Peace Center affects 17 townships with leadership and skill building trainings.
Japan, Asia
Developed a Hub that became the “Global Youth Network for Peace Japan.”
Pakistan, Asia
Intergenerational meetings to teach meditation techniques to bring about improved communication.
Pennsylvania, United States
Scotland, Europe
Thailand, Asia
Sponsored a gathering for 2,000 not really true youth that led to their “Peace Revolution Program.”  
Togo, Africa
National and International youth camps focused on cultural exchange programs.
Switzerland, Europe
Organizes and plans annual weeklong gatherings promoting inner transformation and inspiring individuals to take action in COE’s projects worldwide.
Virtual Hub
Our social network website www.spirityouth.org links youth as the engine that rallies spiritual action into a movement that fosters social and environmental equilibrium.
International Conferences
Our Chapter and Hub members are invited to present at distinguished conferences around the world including:
• National Association of Interfaith Network in Missouri, U.S.A. (2009)
• Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne, Australia (2009)
• World Creative Youth Forum in Philippines (2009)
• Inner Dimensions of Climate Change in New York, U.S.A. (2010)
• Globalization for Common Good in California, U.S.A & Egypt (2010, 2011)
• United Religions Initiative in Istanbul (2010)
• Symphony of Peace Prayers in Mount Fuji, Japan (2010)
• GIFT in Tokyo, Japan (2010)
• Evolutionary Leaders in California, U.S.A. (2009, 2010, 2011)
• Leaders Causing Leaders in Los Angeles, U.S.A. (2010)
• Rhodes Youth Forum in Greece (2010)
• Ethical / Ecological Constitution for Mankind in Kazakhstan (2010)
• Global Youth Conference – Climate Change & Sustainable Development in Switzerland (2010)
• Nigeria (2010) ––European youth to work with African youth in techniques for building inner and outer peace.
• Alliance of Ministries of Peace in South Africa (2011)
• India (2011) –-peace-making  meeting with the Jains.
• NEPAL (2011) –– building spiritual HUB for youth of different religions.
• Gautlemala 2012—Mayan and other Elders with Visionary Youth for the New Dawn