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Report Reinhold Maria Stangl

Reinhold Maria Stangl, Austria President  Int. Ethical Association “Welt-Spirale” (World-Spiral) UNIVERALO – The understanding of the reality of GOD, related to the modern spiritual and scientific findings Introduction: Everything in Universe is subject to the same natural laws. The construction of microcosms and macrocosms is of highly logical, mutually related quality. This fact is only possible if everything in the whole Universe depends on a higher rational Force. Subtle energy is everywhere and in everything – it is omnipresent and the basis of all natural laws.

Taking a closer look to the spiritual standing of mankind, we realize that almost the entire population of our planet is facing a fatal spiritual crisis. Former values and forms have become useless and are no longer appropriate for a new and improved path into the future.
Almost all political and denominational programs fail in front of this confused situation.
The knowledge about the position of the human being in space and the relation of our planet to the environment in space has always been the decisive factor for any world view, but especially for the understanding of GOD.
In view of the coming World Union and of the spiritual evolution uniting mankind, a far deeper and improved understanding of GOD must be achieved. The simple Image where we consider GOD to be the responsible personal God for the entire universe is no longer valid in the age of space travel and modern natural science.
If you start a discussion with someone anywhere about the term of GOD, immediately the question comes up: What kind of God are you talking about? There are too many old and new concepts to be clarified first so that we know what we have to understand by the term GOD.
For this reason, the task of a new religious concept and a religious revival is, first of all, to adapt the understanding of GOD to the present state of spiritual and scientific findings.
Although, from the kind of the mutual arrangement of the galaxies as sky molecules still no further details are known, we may assume that the complete uniformity of our universe with respect to its structure and the applicable universal laws is considered a fact. We may assume that the Universe resembles a boundless giant crystal – expanding and contracting, breathing and alive – itself similar to a giant pulsating living being.
The obvious guiding order and all natural laws, as doubtlessly confirmed by science and therefore must be affirmed in general, would be impossible and unthinkable without higher rational Force. Beyond all solar systems or galaxies with their most precise orbits – following uniform laws and conditions throughout the universe – also the microcosm is subject to the very same rules. The atoms of the most various elements show the same laws – otherwise it would not have been possible to predetermine the orbits of unknown planets, and to even predict several unknown atoms in a mathematical manner before they were discovered physically.
This precise order presupposes a unique higher rational Force – valid for the entire universe. This Universal Force was hitherto called GOD.
The law of attraction takes effect on all levels - both on the physical and on the spiritual. This quality is indispensable for growth in cosmos. The selection of the very best options is the basis for the creative activity of the spirit. Considering that the creative activity in the cosmos is tensed by various factors, one has to understand that the impulse dominating this process is given by the higher rational Force. In this way, the cosmos is permanently renewed and transformed.
Nothing in the whole Universe is without determination. Everything existing fulfils a determined role within evolution and thus participates in general construction of the universe. Therefore, the rational universal Force comprises each and every individual part which has been separated or which has developed out of it - in the same way as every human being and all other existing beings are parts of the universal Divine Self which must in no way be personified, just as the Universal Reason must not be personified.
The suitability, order, harmony, conformity with laws, beauty, greatness and infinity of the universe – they all call for the existence of a universal Reason and of a universal knowledge – visible in their creations and effects. They give testimony of a Divine Wisdom in a unique Reason having its effect everywhere – a Reason allowing an infinite variety from its universal unity, expressing itself in both the microcosm and macrocosm in the same way.
In order to understand in what manner the unified Reason creates the infinite variety of the most diverse manifestations of the unified life out of the unified matter, one has to realize that this result comes about through the diversity of frequencies of all kinds of matter. The subtler the matter, the higher the frequencies. The infinity of the universe does not allow any limitation anywhere or for anything - therefore, there is no limit to the divisibility of matter and no limit to the most diverse frequencies originating from the manifold species of the same unified matter in the diverse forms of the unified life - from the crudest to the most subtle.
This frequency of matter in each manifested form of existence or manifestation in nature is the life impulse used for the existence to manifest itself. Once the frequency of any form discontinues, the existence of the same will end and the matter that served this form up to this point, will disintegrate. We call this event “death”. The entire evolution of life or the transit from a lower form of life into a higher form is based on this principle. Transits known in science, for example, from heat to light or from sound to colour are also caused by change of frequency.
The eternal progressive motion and developing life call for two more conditions beyond the diversity of frequency - namely an inner impulse and an impact from outside. The inner impulse for this progressive motion is caused by the command of self-perfection. This command is stored in each germ of the life. If the internal impulse is not considered for the progress, but a separation from the joint development is the result instead, strong impacts from outward are the consequence, which are given by grief and strokes of fate pushing the human being forward. Standstill on a certain level of development is not possible in the long run.
The human being is part of the cosmic energy, part of the elements, part of the cosmic Reason and part of the consciousness of the highest matter. The unification of cosmic life results in the unification of life on our planet.
The main target of the coming epoch is SYNTHESIS. This also includes the uniting of the visible with the invisible planes, since both planes penetrate each other – and the physical plane is “nourished” by the psychical level.
It is a fact that there is only one boundless UNIVERSE. The Latin term UNIVERSE is formed by three syllables: UNItas – VERitas – Summa: Union – Truth (Verity) – Sum. There can be only ONE sum of everything. Thus the Universe is infinite, i.e. without an absolute beginning and without an absolute end, in eternal existence, formless in a boundless sense. The cosmoses, however, are formed by a relatively immortal energy field – just as the human beings – which means that they have a beginning and an end, they are limited – both in temporal as in spatial respect.
Cosmoses are visible and measurable. UNIVERALO, however, is not detectable and not measurable. The Latin term UNIVERALO is formed by three terms: UNITAS (lat. for unity), VERITAS (lat. for verity or truth), LOGOS (Greek for sense or wisdom).
UNIVERALO as a symbol of the manifested, omnipresent Trinity comprises all the existence in the Universe, involution and evolution and the eternal rhythm of the cosmic Day- and Night Periods (Manvantara and Pralaya). UNIVERALO, therefore, is a symbol of life as such – the eternal, omni-present life without an absolute end – which appears in periodic manifestations. Between these periods there is the dark secret of Non-existence.
The universal motion is eternal and ceaseless. The cosmic motion, however, or the motion we can perceive, is limited and periodical. As an abstract description: it is the perpetual, omnipresent energy field, carried by the wings of the Holy Spirit, of those wings - which are similar to logarithmic curves (like 6 and 9) but completely closed and they represent involution and evolution -, the forever living germ of all life in all cosmoses being manifested periodically. Thus, UNIVERALO can even be described symbolically, because in the eccentrical of centre of the world germs the energy is situated, as everlasting “Laya” or everlasting centre forming cosmic life forms. This is like a biotechnical shaft for transfer cosmic electricity as impulse for construction of new worlds. The symbol of logarithmic curves, like 6 and 9, represent at the same time everlasting involution and evolution. Directly and indirectly, they are a reflexion Maja or an illusion of the transient material world - therefore the double loop.
The wings of UNIVERALO symbolize beginning and ending of the Sequence of the periodically appearing worlds. In this principle the manifested cosmoses grow - and as a result of evolution: human beings and gods as personified, evolved forces of the Spirit.
From these God came into existence, in the views of Christian Church Fathers, humanized and almighty.
The secret fundaments or secret doctrines of all world religions, starting from Taoism, going to Buddhism, Brahmanism up to the Jewish Cabbala, all of them taught that an eternal and unknown, neuter and impersonal entity (not person) has been in existence since ever, having an effect by either being active or inactive in a periodical and harmonious sequence. In the Secret Doctrine this condition is called Manvantara (cosmic Day-Period) and Pralaya (cosmic Night Period). The Indian poetry calls these periods “Day and Night of the Brahma” who is either awake or sleeping. The “Svabhavikas“ - the philosophers of the oldest Buddhist schools – only reflect on the active state of the „highest Entity“, called Svabhavat” and do not consider to look for theories with respect to the abstract or passive state of the entity. Therefore they were wrongly called “atheists” by western scientists and theologians.
Its energy centre (absolute compression) cannot be defined geographically or geometrically. It is the “ever Veiled”, or the “ever Unknowable”, identical with the Indian Parabrahman and the Jewish Ain Suph of the Cabbala, corresponding to the imagination of the absolute Reason and Spirituality, surrounded by, and shielded by Mulaprakriti, a material veil, known as Aditi in the Vedas.
UNIVERALO cannot be seen and not be found. It is an infinity energy field, occult and hidden for ever for the human searching spirit. It is covered by the veil of densest energy and matter at the same time. After disintegration of their mass, the cosmoses return their energy at the periphery of this veil to the starting point of the universal energy field. This means: individualities cease to exist, and they return all the gathered energies to the Source of Light of the ALLBEING in utmost love and longing. Thus, the energy potential of the Universe remains constant.
UNIVERALO at the same instance is the eternal “anima mundi” or world soul of the ancient esoteric. A cosmos or an Adam Kadmon, however, is a manifested body, it is “TAT” – contrary to UNIVERALO, the non-manifested world which is “SAT”.
UNIVERALO is universal light, the source of light and, strangely enough it is equivalent to darkness for many people, since it is not visible. The absolute darkness in reality is utmost light. It is the sum of all asymptotically and eccentrically located poles of energy of the universal energy field from which all of the energy emerges ceaselessly by a perpetual motion. This energy penetrates to the depth of material chaos and evokes the matter for all worlds from this everlasting “storeroom” and, as well as, disintegrates and withdraws it.
This absolute darkness – as highly potentiated pole of light – is identical with the Indian Parabrahman or with the pupil of the “Eye of GOD”, having a microcosmic equivalent in each human being.
This new hypothesis – once thought over and calculated from an astrophysical and mathematical point of view in all directions – in consequence leads to a gigantic revolution in the world view of physics and not least in metaphysics also, and subsequently in our concept of God.
Thus, our physical world view and connected with it our ideology of life is about to change drastically in our epoch of progress. This is happening at such a speed that even scholars can hardly keep up in registering the permanent news of the development.
This difficulty, of course, makes the revision of the coming world ideology even more complicated - an ideology which has to be universal in order to correspond to the scientific requirements of the future, since science and religion will have to form a synthesis in the future world.
Only a boundless energy field can exist, due to its vibration, simultaneously everywhere within a limitless universe. The omnipresence of a limited or personal God is absolutely unthinkable - such omnipresence, however, is very well conceivable for a limitless energy potential of the Universe.
In this way we arrive at a universal new concept of GOD, strengthening the ethical and spiritual attitude of mankind, because the term “religio” which is the relation or the bond to the higher world of Spirit, is understood from a higher point of view.
We see that mankind, in a period of only a few years, could receive a new, gigantic world view, in combination with a scientific understanding of the reality of GOD. This fact is of such a dimension and scope which has never been seen in our history - a period since approximately 6000 years within our human level. We are most fortunate that we belong to the first people who have access to this knowledge. At the same time, we are obliged to spread this knowledge for mankind in order to stimulate the religious views of the world in a new way and to prevent the collapse of Spirit.
For this reason we urgently need a scientific view of the world in sense of a scientifically based understanding of the reality of GOD. This will give us the possibility to refute theism as well as atheism as unscholarly approach. Many decades will pass by, before such action will reach a worldwide spread. However, as soon as the fundaments of atheism have proven wrong from a scientific point of view and mankind will enter into a new epoch of Spirit and Reasonableness, the whole world will change to the better. In such a period communism and capitalism are no longer needed - a new social structure of economy will arise, having the target of well being of all mankind. The realization of a true earthly paradise can only be reached in this way.