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Report Traudel Weissmueller

Traudel Weissmueller, Germany PtC-Europe: Department Culture – Art and social reflection Family – the smallest Cell within a Community The significance of the community in the third millennium In the third millennium there will be even more requirements of an ethical nature, since by now humanity is able to understand the requirements of perfection and the necessity to react on them. Apart from tolerance the (new) age of community requires the capacity for sharp and critical judgment as well as the ability to think independently. Likewise, the readiness to serve (service-mindedness) has to be learned, as well as the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. These are indispensible conditions placed at the service of mankind; it is the most important demand in the age of community – according to the motto: “COMMON GOOD IS SUPERIOR TO OUR OWN INTERESTS”!

The disintegration of the current concept of marriage and family
Especially today, when everything is changing radically in order to give way for the new, it is not surprising that even marriage and family are subject to changes and crises and therefore have to be restructured.
Even though still in its initial stages, a changeover to a new type of relations can already be observed, which will lead to a harmonious coexistence among the community’s citizens. The partnerships of the future will be based on spiritual relations. From a cosmic point of view relations will be judged differently – this field might become the science of the future. Likewise, the straitjacket of absolute Inseparability will come loose as it is not line with the law of nature.
The evolution of moral concepts
Driven by the cosmic evolution, people create their own social standards. Every epoch and every society reflects what it creates. When it comes to marriage and the relationships between men and women, moral precepts vary from culture to culture due to the varying unfoldment of consciousness. The decline of morals has already lead to chaotic circumstances, to decadence of human society and family life, and has reached incredible dimensions in recent years. In the process of a gradual decline of the old worldview, ETHICS will set completely new standards.
True partnership is based on the laws of nature
A huge number of today’s existing marriages are illegitimate as they do not comply with the law of nature. Consequently, this unnatural situation leads to all kinds of marital problems. No one would file for a divorce within a ‘true’ marriage. There you will find true love, harmony, beauty, joy and felicity – a state that can only be achieved if both partners make great efforts. If husband and wife are not in harmony with each other within all these aspects, spiritual affinity will at least help to sustain the relationship and promote mutual respect based on higher love and friendship.
The purpose of partnership
A partnership is the most important training for life because (first and foremost) the struggle for a mutual understanding forms the character. In the long run, one cannot evade this practical test.
Certainly, there is no obligation to live with a partner and to raise children. However, it is simply a pure necessity which is valid without exception for everyone in order to develop moral maturity, to ensure the continuity of mankind and to develop the capacity of love.
It is of primary importance that there is spiritual unison and consonance regarding the way of thinking, desire and feeling. It will lead to a consensus in action and will form a base for an ideal marriage which will master the storms of life.
Love – as the main motive for starting a family
Love means to serve continuously, to give and be ready to help. Love is selfless, will overcome egoism, and it is the power to renounce something for the benefit of the partner, it is friendship and fellowship. Furthermore, love helps to develop a good character and interpersonal skills. It is an important task of the family to support the development of sensibility; independent from intellectual education, feelings of the heart have to be supported. Generally, preference should always be given to the education of the heart, whereas intellectual education should remain on a reasonable level.
A state’s prosperity and success rests on the pillar of the family
Partnership and family belong together, since the major task of a relationship is to start a family. Only children will turn a relationship into a family, unless exceptional circumstances make it impossible. The Family serves as a model for the state, for the whole nation. This is why harmony in the family and invulnerability of the relationship are of prime importance for young children and teenagers. This condition is of equal importance for the structure of the state.
Family life is the best example and training of community life – especially in the new millennium. Also, motherly feelings will no longer be limited to the own children only. Our target must be to focus more on creating ‘true’ communities on a spiritual basis in order to achieve spiritual unity.
The generation of grandparents and elders – an important complement to the family image of the future
In the course of the disintegration of the family concept in the over-civilized countries, there is no task left for grandparents or the like. By developing a new family concept according to cosmic standards, the wisdom and life experience of the elderly will once more gain importance and contribute to a harmonious family life. The COUNCILS OF ELDERS functioning in many countries are proper examples in this regard. How could such a concept be transferred to a state structure and more so to a world community?
Upbringing and education
An education based on ethical principles – and pursuing the priority objective of personal responsibility and the idea of community – should already be introduced in early childhood within the family and then be carried forward by the state.
Education and upbringing depend on each other; however, it is easier to build on a solid foundation and to carry on with accompanying ethical consultation and education.
The significance of religion for the spiritual education of individuals and society
True religion leads mankind to virtue, meaning that struggling with bad character traits makes it desirable to strive for purity, love and nobleness. It is the basis for self-perfection. It furthers the development of such qualities as brotherly love, compassion for others, decency, helpfulness, tolerance and humaneness. Because of its higher knowledge it is the task of religion to educate everyone as better and more ethical people.
The significance of religion for the society
In a community of ethical and religious people one could virtually create living conditions on earth resembling paradise. A truely religious person will always perform his or her duties diligently, even though sometimes struggling at the very edge of ability.
Therefore, it is of no significance what religion, denomination or party some person belongs to. It is only important to act for the benefit of the entire community and to promote the welfare of the environment. All of these factors is an indication for the quality of every organized community.
Family – citizen – world community – all based on ETHICS
In all areas of life we can observe that no human conception or institution is permanent, instead everything is subject to progression and evolution. So it is a reasonable claim that all religious-social attempts that intend to improve ethics and to enhance knowledge should fully be supported and protected by the state or government. It is necessary to work out and develop ethical standards for marriage and family worldwide, which should gain a new authority in the human society as a precondition for the whole of humanity to merge into an undivided community in the future.