October 18 in the frame of the Day of Spiritual Accord, at 14:00 (GMT + 6), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) will host an International conference themed: "Strengthening interfaith and interethnic harmony as an answer to modern world challenges ".


Statement by the International Organizing Committee

Dear colleagues! In preparation for the World Forum of Spiritual Culture in Astana the last year was extremely sated and fruitful. In a number of countries national preparatory committees are created. The concept of Spiritual Culture and its role in spiritually-moral transformation of the world is developed. Contacts with many outstanding, world-wide recognized scientists, of culture, art, political, public figures of a humanistic direction, spiritual teachers of mankind have been established. To have been lead conferences, round tables, theoretical seminars, symposiums on a deepening and development of ideas of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, development of strategy of practical actions with the aim of improvement of spiritual cooperation have been held in Russia, Germany, Austria, Kazakhstan. The site of the Forum in Astana is opened.

he set of publications on these burning topics was published. As a whole, we might say, in the world has started to develop spiritual and creative space of comprehension of a primate of idea of the Spiritual Concord. The idea of carrying out the World Forum of the Spiritual Culture receives broader support. At the same time while preparing for the Forum there were many problems related to objective circumstances. The member of the International committee, an outstanding writer of the present C.T.Ajtmatov has untimely died. He, as it had been planned by the Organizing committee, was to make a major report at the forum Forum. Contours of the report, its basic ideas have already been discussed. To find worthy, adequate replacement it has appeared very much not simply. The second circumstance is certain content incompleteness of a spadework. National preparatory committees ask to prolong time of study of all set of the problems related to definition of a place and a role of Spiritual Culture in transformations dictated by a life, preparation of offers on transformation of a spiritual life of a human civilization. In this regard the question of postponing the World Forum for later periods emerged. It was not possible to solve in due time all financial questions. As a result terms of informing completely and invitations to the Forum of its potential participants are missed. In the circumstances the International Organizing committee considers as the most important not to undermine the importance of the idea of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture. To achieve effective positive results, thorough training and detailed study of all arising questions is necessary. Considering the above-stated, the International Organizing committee has made a decision to postpone the Forum till October, 2010. We suggest that an international scientific conference “Astana – spiritual capital of the world” should be held with the view to discuss all complex of problems of preparation and carrying out of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture.
The organizing committee hopes, that this decision will be apprehended with understanding by our colleagues and adherents. We thank everyone who has already sent application forms for participation in the Forum who in this or that form has expressed support to its idea, who has presented specific proposals and wishes. Working on these issues will be continued.
We invite all interested parties to take part in the work of scientific conference to be held in Astana on October, 18-20, 2010.

Having united the efforts, we will achieve our goals!