Up to now, there have been many important conferences held in different fields, such as political conferences, economic conferences, scientific conferences, religious conferences, academic conferences, and so on. However, the global challenges we face today are all interlinked and cannot be solves by any specific field alone. I would like to propose that the World Forum of Spiritual Culture offers an opportunity for all the various fields including religion, spirituality, politics, business, science, education and the arts to come together to hear and learn from one another. Participants should also be from diverse nationalities, ethnic groups, ages and backgrounds sharing a common wish to create a better world for all.

It is in this line where I can modestly propose initiatives for the conference in order that, even if I’m not able to participate in it, you take into account if you consider it interesting. 1 - Promotion through the media, especially TV channels of reports, illustrated programmes and documentaries, not only for the conferences and forums themselves but also for the initiatives results and conclusions of these meetings. Making it available in clear and entertaining language to the public. Within these TV channels are very important the educational ones, to involve and interest the youngest in the ideals that emerged from these forums.

Dear Brother Senator Tolegen, Thank you for sending us the Agenda. If you recall, I had sent you a proposed Theme with a brief note which I send again to all our friends for their consideration as we prepare for the Conference Call. World Forum of Spiritual Culture Bridging Cultural Divides Building Human Solidarity

Dear Astana Forum members, As we have not been able to download the software here in India--perhaps because it was dangerous-- I will not try to participate in the online forum. However, I do want to make one strong request: There are already many good ideas being put forth about organizational matters for the next two forums. However, the main question is still unanswered: What is the theme and purpose of holding these forums?

In the Name of ALLAH, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful Date: 24th March, 2012 YOUR EXCELLENCY MR. TOLEGON MUHAMEDZHANOV Co-Chair of the World Forum for Spiritual Culture Member of the Senate Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Your Excellency & Respected Sufi Mr. Muhamedzhanov, Alsalamu Alaikum Wa Rehamat’Allahi Wa Barakatuhu We acknowledge receipt of your kindest response with our open hearts. Your response reflects the deep-rooted spiritual character, manners and etiquettes you behold within your kind self, which we are sure are a result of your respectable upbringing, spiritual affiliations and love of the Awliya-Allah and the Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessings of Allah Almighty be upon Him!



Dearest Armand, Bravo! Very proud of you my friend. This surely augurs very well for Senator Tolegen and all of us involved so passionately for the World Forum of Spiritual Culture. You deserve this and much more. We all should capitalize on this and use this momentum to build on as we prepare for WFSC 2013. Heartiest congratulations and all good wishes to you and all those involved with you for this venture.