Dear members of the Presidium of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture! International Association "Peace through Culture" invites you to the online conference "Spiritual harmony - the basis of peace", dedicated to the Day of Spiritual Accord and the 10th anniversary of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture.


The main goal is to unite and rally all sitizens of Kazakhstan around common values and promote interethnic and interfaith harmony.



1) Dear Brother Bawa! Those 10 years that had passed since that awful tragedy, overwhelmed the whole world and changed a lot in our common history.  In stead of victory over extremism and terrorism we could burn new flash-points of them all over the earth space, which became one more evidence of the fact that it is impossible to adjust those colossal differences, which exist today between different points of view using only power methods regarding existing relationships between different countries, religions and continents. Every action produces reaction. Every violence produces more violence. So we can only regret those deeply decision errors, which the leading politicians of the world have rendered, trying to find and punish, it should seem, the main perpetrator and killed hundred of thousands innocent people, broke up communities of people, which had been founding for centuries, leaving anarchy and internecine wars after that. This means that it is impossible to shift the values of one people and state to different people and state, inasmuch as every ethnos, every country, and every people has its own specific history, its own set of mind, culture and spirituality. On the basis of this there are completely different world perceptions.

My Dears I send you a piece of my work I wrote some time ago.. Love and admiration to you.. Blessing from my heart! Midday Susana Roberts My brothers, Every day bless the food and do not waste it. There are many human beings on the planet that have nothing to eat. Eat with moderation, take care of your organism, it is a machine and a good, you must take care of for the important mission in connection with your spiritual being.

January is a time to reflect on the past year and present a vision for progress for the coming period. This is the report of a small civil society organization's contributions to help end the unacceptable risks presented by the deployment of nuclear weapons in the pursuit of national security. Hopefully it will inspire everyone, especially those with greater power and capacity, to stronger, more effective actions.
In the affairs of nations, sometimes change is rapid, like the ending of the Cold War, and sometimes it is takes too long, like the ending of international violence in Europe. It is worthwhile to note, when possible, a starting point when the vision for change was put in place. It is that vision that helps the wise have a compass point for action at the opportune time.

First: Thank you for bringing the gift of understanding human potential into realization not just for yourself, not just for the people of Kazakhstan, but for all people everywhere.
Second: The endeavor to identify and amplify spiritual concord in Kazakhstan twenty years ago helped set in motion extraordinary blessings for its people. One need only compare the tranquility and harmony amongst many different ethnic groups there with its neighbors. Surely, President Nazarbayev's leadership and the qualities of so many other leaders has ensured a dynamic start for one of the world's younger countries. Surely, the spirit of generosity of the people of the steppe cannot be ignored.

Dear members of the Presidium of WFSC! Dear members of the Conference Organizing Committee! Due to the preparation of the new conference let me express some suggestions and if it is possible some notes in reference to the previous and further Forums: In the first place, it is obvious that our movement began to attract not only new legendary figures and ordinary people, but gradually begins to gain new intellectual and geographical areas on different continents in the world and this gives it a push so that it has a worthful international character indeed. In short, the experience you and we have gained for 20 years, began to give a visual, good, I would dare say, high-quality results! And so I congratulate from the depths of my soul those heroic enthusiasts who took up this bright idea and very carefully and wisely treated and implemented it! In the second place, in order to improve the scientific and cultural aspect of our Forums I offer to pay more attention to the scientific preparation of each Forum. In this connection I submit specific proposals: a) From the part of the Organizing Committee it would be great if we could clearly identify the main ideas, objectives and themes of the conference and ask each proposed participant not only to determine the exact title and text for the conference in advance, but send his or her report about 2 months before the Forum.

Dear colleagues, dear members of the WFSC Presidium! Dear colleagues, dear co-chair of the WFSC Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov!   I understand technical difficulties. I even had to rent a studio for our connection. All is well, don’t give it another thought. We were able to give one more little friendly impulse in favor of collective communication indeed. Before addressing to my colleagues with more practical suggestions, I appeal to you to get your opinion and comments on my previous letter, which was published on the website of the WFSC. I would like you to answer even not all questions, but at least some of them: 1. What do you think about my suggestions in regard to improving the scientific level of our forums?